Fastest Blasters

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Fastest Blasters
Bring your blasters and get ready for blastoff!
Type Online multiplayer mode, Challenge
Players 8 (4v4)
Ranked No
Weapons Blaster
Controllers Joy-Con
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
Release Date 17 December 2023

Fastest Blasters is a Challenge in Splatoon 3. Players who participate may only use Blaster-type weapons. Both primary and secondary abilities are enabled.

In-game info

Have you mastered blasters? Let's see what you can do!

  • Players can only choose different varieties of blasters!
  • Both primary and secondary abilities will be enabled.

List of Challenges

Duration Mode Stages Rankings
18 December 2023
02:00 UTC - 04:00 UTC
06:00 UTC - 08:00 UTC
10:00 UTC - 12:00 UTC
14:00 UTC - 16:00 UTC
18:00 UTC - 20:00 UTC
22:00 UTC - 00:00 UTC

Tower Control


Crableg Capital
Fastest Blasters/Top 100 (18 December 2023)

Names in other languages

Translation needed
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Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 最強ブラスター決定戦
ブキ限定バトル! 最強のブラスター使いを目指せ!
Netherlands Dutch Blastublieft!
Hoe behendig ben je met blasters?
Here you blast! [note 1]
How dexterous are you with blasters?
Canada French (NOA) Pas de blabla, des blasteurs!
Sors les blasteurs et prépare-toi à la blastaille!
France French (NOE) Pas de blabla, des blasters !
Sors les blasters et prépare-toi à la blastaille !
Germany German Blaster-Remaster
Die knallige Blaster-Party wartet!
Blaster Remaster
The flashy blaster party awaits!
Italy Italian Blaster e basta
Porta i tuoi blaster e blasta alla grande!
Blaster and that's it
Bring your blasters and blast greatly!
Russia Russian Бластер-мастер
Бластер в руки и вперед!

Blaster v ruki i vperyod!
Blaster master
Take your blaster and go!
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Combate lanzamotero
¡Lanzamotas al poder!
Spain Spanish (NOE) Combate devastador
¡Devasta que da gusto con devastadores!
China Chinese (Simplified) 最强爆破枪争夺战
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 最強爆破槍爭奪戰
South Korea Korean 최강 블래스터 결정전
무기 한정 배틀! 최강의 블래스터 유저를 노려라!

Translation notes

  1. From blaster and alstublieft ("please" or "here you are")