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The Friendship Bracelet is a type of shoe in Splatoon 2.

It is a 3-star item produced by Grizzco and comes with a random primary ability generated when it is received. It is only available as a reward from Salmon Run as the monthly gear or in a Pink Capsule. It cannot be ordered from another player.


The Friendship Bracelet is a weaved bracelet with red, yellow, and green fabric, stitched together in a pattern. Boys wear it on their left leg, while girls wear it on their right leg.

Splatoon 2

Friendship Bracelet
Friendship Bracelet
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1 June 2019


The Friendship Bracelet comes with a random primary ability that can also appear as secondary abilities, which prevents the wearer from having Drop Roller, Object Shredder, or Stealth Jump as they are exclusive to Shoes and cannot appear as secondary abilities. This primary ability is assigned randomly when the item is received. As a 3-star item, the Friendship Bracelet comes with three additional slots for secondary abilities. Since it is made by the Grizzco gear brand, it has equal chances to roll any secondary ability.



  • After stepping in ink or switching to Inkling or Octoling form, footprints will be seen instead of the regular shoe pattern.
  • This is the only gear item to be categorized as shoes while not being actual footwear.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese チギリノヒモ
Chigiri no Himo
String of Vows
Netherlands Dutch Vriendschapsbandje Friendship bracelet[note 1]
CanadaFrance French Bracelet de l'amitié Friendship bracelet
Germany German Freundschaftsband Friendship bracelet
Italy Italian Cavigliera dell'amicizia Friendship anklet
Russia Russian Фенечка
Friendship bracelet
SpainMexico Spanish Tobillera de la amistad Friendship anklet

Translation notes

  1. Diminutive of "vriendschapsband" ("friendship bracelet")