Octoling Workout

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Octo Canyon missions
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Octoling Workout
˜ Forge Those Mussels ˜
Number 27
Area 5
Sheldon's Request
Items 1 Scroll, 1 Sardinium, 6 Armor, 2 Tenta Missiles, 1 Crust Bucket Ticket
Music Octoling Rendezvous
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Octoling Workout

Octoling Workout is the twenty-seventh mission of Splatoon 2's single player mode Octo Canyon and is the final mission to encounter a group of Octolings. It takes place on a modified form of Musselforge Fitness.

Octo Canyon

Get on a red saucer and board the platform with a checkpoint and some Octarian Ink. There is a propeller platform to the right. Power it and board it. Get on the moving Bounce Pads when they arrive, and avoid the Ink Pistons. The kettle is on a platform at the other end of the path of the Bounce Pads.



Octoling Workout Stats
Area Mini Zapfishes Enemies Armor Special Weapon Sunken Scroll Sardinium Crust Bucket Ticket
Player Spawn Area 1x Mini Zapfish 1x Elite Octoling 1x Armor N/A N/A N/A N/A
Central Area 5x Mini Zapfishes 11x Elite Octolings, 3x Sprinklers 4x Armor 1x Tenta Missiles Yes N/A N/A
Enemy Spawn Area 2x Mini Zapfishes 4x Elite Octolings, 2x Toxic Mists 1x Armor 1x Tenta Missiles N/A Yes Yes

The Mini Zapfish are ordered here in terms of accessibility from spawn and other Mini Zapfishes.

Mini Zapfish 1

To the left of spawn, rotational symmetric to Mini Zapfish 8. Take the path on the left to a raised area, where the Mini Zapfish rests at the end of the area. An Elite Octoling would Super Jump to in front of the Mini Zapfish as the player approaches. If the player drops off at the front of the spawn instead, the same Octoling would Super Jump to in front of the spawn instead, then the player has to take the Bounce Pad to the left to get back up.

Mini Zapfish 2

To the close left quadrant of the central area. Go forward to the edge of the player spawn area and turn left, then turn right at the grates. Ahead is the Mini Zapfish and an Elite Octoling Super Jumping nearby.

Mini Zapfish 3

To the close right quadrant of the central area. Go to the far right of the player spawn area with the grate above. An Elite Octoling will Super Jump to near the Bounce Pad below. Use the Bounce Pad to get over the barriers surrounding the Mini Zapfish ahead. Another Elite Octoling will Super Jump to in front of the Mini Zapfish when the player collects it.

Mini Zapfish 4

In the center of the map. There are two Elite Octolings guarding the Mini Zapfish, as well as a sprinkler each on both uninkable rock-climbing walls to the sides of the Mini Zapfish, a balloon fish stuck under the grate from the central block towards the player side, and another sprinkler on the grate from the central block towards the enemy side.

Mini Zapfish 5

To the left of Mini Zapfish 4. Go down the slope to the left from Mini Zapfish 4, defeat the Elite Octoling wandering at the lower end of the slope, then turn left at the ledge ahead. There is another Elite Octoling at the top of the ramp next to the Mini Zapfish.

Mini Zapfish 6

To the far right quadrant of the central area. Either go along the path to the left of the slope from Mini Zapfish 5 or drop down from the central block with from Mini Zapfish 4, and defeat the Elite Octoling guarding the Mini Zapfish ahead. Another Elite Octoling may Super Jump to nearby the Mini Zapfish, but it may be inaccurate enough for her to Super Jump to the lower area to the right instead. The player may also defeat the Elite Octoling to the left circling the toxic mist in the enemy spawn area.

Mini Zapfish 7

Directly in front of enemy spawn. Go to the inkfurler on the left rock-climbing wall in front of enemy spawn bordering the enemy spawn area, either from Mini Zapfish 6 through the inkfurler nearby through the balloon fish to there, or with the inkable block in the taped crate near the lower end of the slope near Mini Zapfish 5. Use the inkfurler to go over the rock-climbing wall, then advance to the Mini Zapfish ahead with a toxic mist in front. Two Elite Octolings will Super Jump nearby as the player approaches, and the Elite Octoling at spawn may also fire from above.

Mini Zapfish 8

To the right of enemy spawn, rotational symmetric to Mini Zapfish 1. The player has to get up to the path from enemy spawn to the Mini Zapfish with the Bounce Pad in the corner, to the right of Mini Zapfish 7 and enemy spawn. The Elite Octoling at spawn will approach the player as they do so. Defeat her if necessary, then walk down the path to grab the Mini Zapfish.


Sunken Scroll

Oh, Judd. When your capsule opens in the future, you may find yourself alone. Should that be the case, I ask you to re-energize the capsule once again. Oh, dearest Judd, I only hope that you can forgive me for all I've put you through.

Location: In a crate submerged in ink on top of the structure directly in front of Mini Zapfish 1, to the right of Mini Zapfish 2. Rotational symmetric to Armor 4.

Scroll location


Location: In the lone crate at the top of the inkfurler to Mini Zapfish 7.

Sardinium location


Octoling Workout has 6 pieces of armor to collect.

Armor 1 Location: On the block in front of spawn. Rotational symmetric to the Ticket.

Armor 2 Location: To the right of Mini Zapfish 2, in the corner.

Armor 3 Location: In the lone crate on top of an inkable block to the left of Mini Zapfish 4.

Armor 4 Location: On top of the ramp to the right of Mini Zapfish 4, in front of Mini Zapfish 3.

Armor 5 Location: On the block directly in front of Mini Zapfish 8, next to the inkfurler near Mini Zapfish 6. Rotational symmetric to the Scroll.

Armor 6 Location: In the lone crate in the corner to the right of enemy spawn, in the path to Mini Zapfish 8.

Special Weapon

Tenta Missile 1 Location: In a cluster of crates at the other side of the barrier of Mini Zapfish 5, which can be jumped over with the help of the ramp next to Mini Zapfish 5.

Tenta Missile 2 Location: In a crate in the wall of crates in front of Mini Zapfish 8, in the path from Mini Zapfish 7 to the Elite Octoling circling the toxic mist.

Crust Bucket Ticket

Location: In the lone crate on top of a block directly to the right of Mini Zapfish 7 and in front of enemy spawn. Rotational symmetric to Armor 1.

Ticket location

Enemies and Mechanics

Previously Introduced



Marie's Quotes

Those Octolings just don't quit.
You know the drill. Let's get these little fishies back.
That's one.
Two down.
Noice. Three out of eight.
Grab 'em all and throw these slobs back into the dark ages!
Yeah, we know.
That's six!
Seven! Just one more.

Sheldon's Level Quotes

Take 'em out quick with Tenta Missiles!
It take eight Mini Zapfish to match the power of one of the normal ones!


Marie's Quotes

  • "Die Octolings weten van geen opgeven."
    (Those Octolings don't know when to give up.)
  • "Je kent de routine. Het is tijd om visjes terug te halen."
    (You know the routine. It is time to take fishies back.)
  • "Dat is er één."
    (That is one.)
  • "En dat is de tweede."
    (And that is the second.)
  • "Drie van de acht. Dat is niet mis."
    (Three of the eight. That is not bad.)
  • "Oké, verzamel ze allemaal en leer die sufferds een lesje!"
    (Okay, collect them all and teach those fools a lesson!)
  • "Ja... dat wisten we al."
    (Yes... we knew that already.)
  • "En dat is zes!"
    (And that is six!)
  • "Zeven! Nog maar een te gaan!"
    (Zeven! Just one more to go!)
After beating the mission for the first time:
  • "Goed, tijd om op pad te gaan!"
    (Good, time to hit the road!)

Krabbert's Quotes

  • "Gebruik de Spetterraketten om snel korte metten met je vijanden te maken!"
    (Use the Tenta Missiles to make short work of your enemies quickly!)
  • "Acht dwergvoltvissen zijn samen even krachtig als een normale voltvis."
    (Eight Mini Zapfish are as powerful as one normal Zapfish.)



  • This is the only stage in Octo Canyon where Elite Octolings are the only Octarian enemies.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 出て来い! タコゾネス #
ツボ押し! フジツボスポーツクラブ

Detekoi! Takozonesu #
Tsubo Oshi! Fujitsubo Supōtsu Kurabu
Come out! Octolings:
Tsubo (pressure point) Massages! at Musselforge Fitness
Netherlands Dutch Octoling-gymnastiek Octoling-gymnastics
Canada French (NOA) - Gymnase Ancrage -
Combat athlétique
- Musselforge Fitness -
Athletic battle
France French (NOE) - Gymnase Ancrage -
Un combat tout en fitness
- Musselforge Fitness -
A fitness battle
Germany German Oktoling-Hinterhalt in der Molluskelbude Octoling ambush at Musselforge Fitness
Italy Italian Palestra Octoling:
molluscoli guizzanti!
Octoling gym:
darting molluscles![note 1]
Russia Russian Спортзал осьмозонок
«Мы к вам с креветом!»

Sportzal os'mozonok
«My k vam s krevetom!»
Octolings gym
«We shrimp you!»[note 2]
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Entrenamiento octoling
˜Pánico en el gimnasio˜
Octoling training
˜Panic at the gymnasium˜
Spain Spanish (NOE) Gimnasio Mejillón en plena invasión Musselforge Fitness fully invaded

Translation notes

  1. Portmanteau of "mollusco" ("mollusc") and "muscoli" ("muscles" or "mussels").
  2. This is a pun of a phrase "Мы к вам с приветом" "My k vam s privetom" (We greet you) and a word "креветка" "krevetka" (shrimp).