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Octo Canyon missions
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˜ The Octo Shower ˜
Number B4
Area 4
Sheldon's Request Hero Charger
Items 1 Sardinium
Music Octarmaments
amiibo challenges
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This article is about the Octo Canyon mission. For the boss in the mission, see Octo Shower. For the Octo Expansion station, see Cool Your Jets Station.
Cleanser of Inklings
Octo Shower
— Intro to the Octo Shower boss fight.

Sanitizarium is the fourth boss mission in Splatoon 2's single-player mode, Octo Canyon.

Octo Canyon

The Octo Shower serves as the fourth boss of Splatoon 2's Octo Canyon, and is fought by unlocking and then entering its boss kettle, as with every other Octoboss - specifically, the Octo Shower's is located in Slimeskin Garrison. Its defeat opens the launchpad to Cephalon HQ, the final area of the game.


The Octo Shower functions as somewhat of an enormous, autonomous gunship, possessing several ranged attack options that it employs while flying and hovering a good distance away from its target. Different from the majority of the Octobosses faced by Agent 4 thus far, the Octo Shower doesn't employ its massive size to attack directly, and solely fights using indirect attacks. These attacks include:

  • The Octo Shower takes out a charger-like weapon and aims it at Agent 4, charging up a shot before firing a long line of ink towards them. A laser pointer comes out of the gun before firing, perfectly tracking Agent 4 right up until the moment before firing. Remaining mobile or getting behind one of the towers in the arena is the key to avoiding this.
  • The Octo Shower takes out a crank-operated, splatling-like weapon and, after a brief delay, begins firing an inaccurate barrage of ink globs at Agent 4. The same rules for dodging the charger attack apply, only taking cover is usually more effective due to the erratic spray being harder to avoid than the simple line of ink.
  • The Octo Shower takes out a sting ray-like weapon, and, after a brief moment of charging, fires a continuous magenta beam at Agent 4. Just like the real Sting Ray, the beam ignores walls, meaning staying on the move is the only way to avoid being damaged. Fortunately, the Octo Shower turns more slowly while firing, also like the real version, making avoiding it easy.
  • The Octo Shower launches two Octorpedoes towards Agent 4, which splash ink in a large radius on impact unless destroyed mid-flight. These rockets don't attempt to follow 4 once in flight, making moving an easy way to dodge them if they can't be shot down in time.
  • The Octo Shower revs up, then drops an enormous stream of ink from beneath it (an "ink shower"). It will either remain perfectly stationary while doing so or move to one side of the arena beforehand and sweep to the other, creating a long and thick row of ink on the ground.
  • The Octo Shower lets out a hiss from its vents, ordering the Octocopters carrying it to fire at Agent 4 in unison, which they indeed do shortly after. This attack is only used when 4 gets close enough to attack any of the Octocopters.

When fighting the Octo Shower with any weapon besides the Hero Charger, there will be two Ride Rails on opposite towers, a Rolonium bundle on the other opposite two, and a Bounce Pad on the middle tower, allowing Agent to find other means of splatting the Octocopters carrying the Octo Shower.

Boss appearance

The Octo Shower appears to be an enormous robot, vaguely shaped like a brass-and-copper shower head. Its structure is rather simple, consisting of several metal protrusions hanging from the bottom of a slanted, blue ring that tops the machination, shaped somewhat like a shower cap, with the most prominent features of its chassis being its two enormous, circular optics on the front of it, covered by grates, that constantly glow red. Above the Octo Shower's 'eyes' are two small square vents that glow red, partially obscured by its cap. Steam will blow out of these during certain actions, such as preparing an attack or recovering from being knocked to the ground. Resting on the Octo Shower's cap is a single, small, yellow rubber duck.

On both, the top and bottom of the Octo Shower are prominent circular holes. The bottom one serves as a bay that hides the Octo Shower's arms - two-segmented robotic appendages with blue rubber gloves for hands - as well as a variety of upscaled weapons that it holds using them, including a Charger, a crank gun, and a Sting Ray. The top one serves as an access for the control tentacle inside the machine; a large amount of magenta octo-ink can be seen within. Usually, this top hole is covered by a large, metal drain plug, with several chains connected to it. Octocopters with special yellow helmets constantly hold onto these, which, when using several at once, allow the Octo Shower to fly and, thus, move - without them, the Octo Shower is completely immobile and its control tentacle, exposed.


The Octo Shower itself is carried by a group of Octocopters, which must be splatted to drop the Octo Shower to the ground, exposing its control tentacle. This, however, proves to be an issue, as the Octo Shower and the Octocopters carrying it fly too high to be hit from the ground, even with the Hero Charger. This is where the unique structure of the arena comes into play; unlike every other boss's arena, the Octo Shower's arena involves a small number of towers dotted around the arena that can be climbed upon to get a better shot at the Octo Shower's carriers, or used to hide behind to avoid attacks. If one takes too long to splat the Octocopters, the Octo Shower will move across the arena and back out of range, requiring Agent 4 to chase it again. The first time the Octo Shower has to be fought, a Sheldon Request requires that Agent 4 use the Hero Charger. On subsequent revisits, however, several objects are added around the arena to compensate for the other seven weapons' shorter ranges, such as Ride Rails, Dash Panels, Bounce Pads, and Rolonium spawners.

Phase 1

The Octo Shower using a charger weapon

During the first phase of the fight, the Octo Shower will only attack using its charger, rocket and ink shower attacks. A total of three Octocopters carry it, which react somewhat slowly to being attacked. Even the Octo-Shower itself will pause between attacks, frequently. Simply splat the three Octocopters from a high location, then splat the tentacle that emerges from the downed Octo Shower.

Phase 2

The Octo Shower using the hand crank weapon

After having its tentacle splat once, more Octocopters come in and pick the Octo Shower up; this time, four instead of three. In addition to reacting and attacking slightly faster, the Octo Shower adds its crank gun attack, which Sheldon finds low-tech, to the attacks it used in the first phase.

Phase 3

The Octo Shower holding a Sting Ray

After being splatted twice, the Octo Shower is now lifted by four Rocket Octocopters. With their ability to dodge left and right quickly, hitting them is less about using precise shots and more about using a large quantity of them. Additionally, the Octo Shower adds its Sting Ray attack to its arsenal and begins attacking with splendor.

Once dropped and splatted one more time, the Octo Shower will try to call in more Octocopters but none appear. It now starts to malfunction and release smoke before exploding, freeing the Zapfish inside.

Enemies and mechanics

First introduced

Previously introduced



Marie's Quotes

During the fight:
Blast the tentacle, Agent 4!
Bring those Octocopters down!
Low-tech or not, make sure you don't get hit by it!
Ink shower! Dodge to the side!
The tentacle is exposed! Flambé this fool!
The Octocopters are moving faster. You've got 'em on the ropes!
Now, Agent 4! End it!
After defeating the boss:
Are... Uh... Are you holding the phone upside down?
Ummmm... Don't those mean the same thing?
W-wait! Don't go! CALLIE?! CALLIE!
I... I can't believe it. Could Callie really be working with the Octarians? Agent 4, I need your help now more than ever.
You're not much of a talker, are you? Well you're still here, so I'm going to keep telling you to do stuff. LET'S GO!

Sheldon's Quotes

Sheldon's Request Quotes
I could REALLY use some more data on this weapon. Can you use it for a bit?
Sheldon's Level Quotes
It's targeting you! RUN!
Missiles! If you can't shoot them down, take cover!
He has some sort of hand-crank cannon. Talk about low-tech…
There's no hiding from this guy. Better get moving!
It's got a Sting Ray?! That thing cuts through walls!

???'s Quotes

Interrupting Marie's call:
Ugh... I totally was.
Um... Nope, this is definitely not Callie! So just...leave. It's dangerous here! And it's not safe at all!
WHATEVER! JUST GET OUT OF HERE! I'm not calling again!

Netherlands Dutch

Marie's Quotes

  • "Het lijkt erop dat directe aanvallen niet werken."
    (It seems like direct attacks won't work.)
  • "Zorg dat je niet onder hem staat als hij de douche aanzet!"
    (Make sure that you don't stand under it when it turns on the shower!)
  • "Octokopters! Beeld ik het me nu in, of hangt hij eraan vast?"
    (Octocopters! Am I imagining it now, or is it attached to them?)
  • "Precies, agent 4. Mik op de tentakel!"
    (Precisely, Agent 4. Aim for the tentacle!)
  • "Octokopters, hier komt agent 4!"
    (Octocopters, here comes Agent 4!)
  • "Of het nou een klassieker is of niet, we zullen ermee moeten afrekenen!"
    (Whether it is a classic or not, we will have to deal with it!)
  • "Daar komt een inktdouche aan! Wijk uit!"
    (There comes an ink shower! Dodge!)
  • "Daar is de tentakel!"
    (There is the tentacle!)
  • "De Octokopters zijn sneller geworden! Nu is het menens."
    (The Octocopters have become faster! Now it means business.)
  • "Nu, agent 4! Maak het af!"
    (Now, Agent 4! Get it done!)
After beating the boss for the first time:
  • "Hou je misschien je telefoon verkeerd om...?"
    (Are you maybe holding your phone the wrong way round...?)
  • "Callie?!"
  • "Is dat niet hetzelfde...?"
    (Is that not the same...?)
  • "W-wacht! Hang niet op! Callie? Callie?!"
    (W-wait! Don't hang up! Callie? Callie?!)
  • "We... Werkt Callie... Werkt Callie nou voor de Octarianen?! Agent 4, ik heb je hulp nog harder nodig dan ik dacht."
    (Wo... Works Callie... Is Callie working for the Octarians?! Agent 4, I need your help even more than I thought.)
  • "... ... ..."
    (... ... ...)
  • "Ik zal die ongemakkelijke stilte maar opvatten als een JA! Ik wist wel dat je vers was! Oké, laten we gaan!"
    (I will just interpret that uncomfortable silence as a YES! I did know you were fresh! Okay, let's go!)
After the transmission:
  • "Oké, Callie en de Megavoltvis zijn verderop! Kom op, agent 4!"
    (Okay, Callie and the Great Zapfish are further on! Come on, Agent 4!)

Krabbert's Quotes

Order van Krabbert:
  • "Gebruik dit wapen maar snel, dan kan ik de gegevens ervan analyseren!"
    (Use this weapon quickly, then I can analyze the data of it!)
Mission quotes:
  • "Hij richt op jou! Rennen!"
    (It aims at you! Run!)
  • "Raketten! Als je ze niet neer kunt schieten, schuil dan achter een muur!"
    (Missiles! If you can't shoot them down, then take cover behind a wall!)
  • "Hij heeft een soort kanon met een zwengel... Dat is wel heel retro!"
    (He has some kind of cannon with a crank... That is very retro!)
  • "De Magistraal?! Die gaat dwars door muren!"
    (The Sting Ray?! That one goes right through walls!)
  • "Voor deze jongen kun je je niet verbergen. Blijf dus liever in beweging."
    (You can't hide yourself from this boy. So keep moving is preferable.)

???'s Quotes

  • "Ga terug... Maak dat je wegkomt..."
    (Go back... Get out of here...)[1]
  • "Ah! Ja, wat stom van me!"
    (Ah! Yes, how stupid of me!)
  • "Uh... Nee, ik ben Callie niet! Pak gewoon je spullen en vertrek... Het is hier gevaarlijk! En erg onveilig!"
    (Uh... No, I am not Callie! Just pack your stuff and leave... It is dangerous here! And very unsafe!)
  • "Wat maakt het uit, ga gewoon! Ik bel niet nog eens!"
    (What does it matter, just go! I am not calling again!)

France French

Oly's Quotes

  • "Observe le terrain, Numéro 4, tu pourras peut-être en tirer parti !"
    (Pay attention to the terrain, Agent 4, you might be able to use it to your advantage!)
  • "Arrose le tentacule, Numéro 4 !"
    (Ink the tentacle, Agent 4!)
  • "Tentavoles, je vous présente Numéro 4."
    (Octocopters, meet Agent 4.)
  • "C'est une mitraillette ou un sèche-linge ? On s'en fiche, tant que tu l'esquives !"
    (Is this a submachine gun or a tumble dryer? Doesn't matter, as long as you avoid it!)
  • "Douche d'encre ! Décale-toi sur le côté !"
    (Ink shower! Move to the side!)
  • "Voilà le tentacule !"
    (Here is the tentacle!)
  • "Les tentavoles passent la seconde ! Je crois qu'ils ont pris la mouche."
  • "Vas-y, Numéro 4 ! Achève-le !"
    (Go, Agent 4! Finish him!)
After beating the boss for the first time:
  • "Euh... C'est moi, ou tu tiens le transmetteur à l'envers ?"
  • "Ayo, c'est toi ?"
    (Callie, is that you?)
  • "Hmm... Je veux pas pinailler, mais « dangereux » et « pas sûr », c'est quand même un peu pareil..."
  • "A-Attends ! Ayo ? Ayo !"
    (W-wait! Callie? Callie!)
  • "On... On dirait qu'Ayo est passée du côté des Octariens... Il faut que tu m'aides à la récupérer, Numéro 4 ! Tu veux bien ?"
    (It... It seems Ayo joined the Octarian side... You need to help me get her back, Agent 4! You willing to?)
  • "... ... ..."
    (... ... ...)
  • "Je vais prendre ce silence pétri d'humilité pour un OUI retentissant ! Tu sais que t'as la classe, toi ? Allez, on y va !"

Cartouche's Quotes

Requête de Cartouche
  • "Allez, ze te confie ça. Ça va m'aider à récupérer des données biens utiles !"
    (Here, I'm lending you this. It'll help me gather very useful data!)
Mission quotes:
  • "Des missiles ! Fais-les sauter en vol ou planque-toi derrière un mur !"
    (Missiles! Make them explode mid-air or hide behind a wall!)
  • "Numéro 4 ! Essaie d'arroser le roulonium par en dessous !"
    (Agent 4! Try to ink the Rolonium from underneath!)
  • "Gaffe, il dégaine sa sulfateuse-tambour !"
    (Watch out, he's pulling out his washing-machine-gun!)
  • "Une pigmalance ? Attention, ce zouzou traverse les murs !"
    (A Sting Ray? Careful, this plaything goes through walls!)

???'s Quotes

  • "Allez-vous-en... Quittez cet endroit..."
    (Go away... Leave this place...)[1]
  • "Ah oui ! Bien vu !"
    (Oh yeah! Good catch!)
  • "Euh... Non ! Pas du tout ! Au contraire ! Enfin, je veux dire... Bref, ouste ! C'est dangereux ici ! C'est pas sûr !"
    (Uh... No! Not at all! The opposite, even! Well, I mean... Whatever, shoo! It's dangerous here! It's not safe!)
  • "O-On s'en fiche, vous partez ! Zou ! C'est la dernière fois que je vous le dis !"
    (I-it doesn't matter, you're leaving! Off you go! This is the last time I'm telling you this!)



  • When only one Octocopter remains holding the Octo Shower up, it will begin struggling with the weight. Despite this, the maneuverability of the boss is not hindered, and the single Octocopter is just as nimble as two, three, or four.
  • Several items comprising the Octo Shower reference cleanliness and bathrooms.
    • Its Charger resembles a Fresh Squiffer while its Gatling gun resembles a Sloshing Machine, which are based on a spray bottle and a clothes washer, respectively.
    • As mentioned, the blue top of the Octo Shower resembles a shower cap.
    • The gloves on its hands resemble disposable rubber gloves, often used when cleaning.
    • The entirety of the Octo Shower's arena appears to be covered in linoleum tiles. Additionally, things such as faucets and drains can be seen on the walls and floor in places.
    • Its ink shower attack very literally has it function like its namesake, a shower.
    • The torpedoes it launches have towels on top of them similar to how people put a towel on top of their head during baths.
  • The rubber duck that sits on the top of the Octo Shower wears a bow that resembles Callie's tentacles.
  • Unlike how it may seem at first, it is actually possible to hide from the Octo Shower, either by hiding in ink, or staying behind a wall. The boss simply stays in its battle state for longer than other enemies - launching several attacks targeted at where it last saw the player - before it finally goes idle. This trait is shared with the Twintacle Octotrooper (only in Splatoon 2).
    • However, it is not possible to hide from the Octo Shower while it is using the Sting Ray - the boss knows the player's exact location for the duration of the attack.
  • The Octo Shower is one of the two bosses with mechanics not associated with the boss (listed above), the other being the Rainmaker and ride rails in Bomb Rush Blush.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ゆかげん よかけん #

Yukagen Yokaken #
Takotsubo Bibanon
The Bath Temperature is Good:
Octopus Pot Bibanon (shout of the bath song)
Netherlands Dutch Stop de Octosproeier Stop the Octosprayer
Canada French (NOA) Passage savonneux chez les Tentablutions Soapy passage at the Octo Showers
France French (NOE) Passage de savon chez Tentablutions Dressing-down giving with Tenta-showering
(Note: the French version for giving a dressing-down contains the word savon, which translates to "soap".)
Germany German Oktoplanscher schlägt Wellen Octosplasher makes waves
Italy Italian Docciator:
un bagno poco rilassante...
A not very relaxing bath...
Russia Russian Парной плюх
«Полный бурбулятор»

Parnoy plyukh
«Polnyy burbulyator»
Steamy splat
«Total bong»
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Baño de tinta
˜El Octoirrigador˜
Ink bath
˜The Octoirrigator˜
Spain Spanish (NOE) Baño de tinta con el Octoirrigador Ink bath with the Octoirrigator
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 This piece of dialogue is upside down in-game.