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"I am bout it bout it, so listen while I [SLANG_NOT_FOUND] you the facts."
This article contains a listing of text taken directly from Splatoon 3: Side Order.
The bulk of the text is informal in nature and may feature intentional spelling, grammar, and formatting errors on the part of the creators.
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Marina's Dev Diaries

Marina's Dev Diaries are a series of unlockable diary entries available in Side Order. They document Marina's development of the Memverse. Diary entries are unlocked one at a time by opening lockers with locker keys.

Once all the lockers are unlocked, by using Eight's Palette, three additional entries can be obtained which are letters from Acht to Marina, with each entry replacing the locker key that would be obtained by defeating a boss.

This page contains reproductions of all entries.

First entry

Dev Diaries DJ Hyperfresh DJ_Hyperfresh Over 4 years ago

emoji sparklesThe Final Fest is over.emoji sparkles

And we lost. I feel so bad for Team
Order... They all tried so hard! emoji crying

BUT! At the end of the Splatfest, Pearl
said we're gonna "TAKE OVER THE
" emoji fire A world tour! Can you
believe it?! I can't wait! emoji exclamation point

I haven't felt like this since I was on
the sidelines for that battle. Right
before I came to Inkopolis Square!

If Off the Hook's going on a world tour,
my schedule's about to be SUPER
packed. emoji sweat We've got venues to
schedule! Roadies to hire! NEW SONGS
TO WRITE! AAAAAAH! emoji fire

I don't know what I'd do without Pearl.

˜Pearl Houzuki Appreciation Corner˜

When I felt lost and directionless after
deserting from the army, it
was Pearl who showed me hope. emoji sparkles

The two of us formed Off the Hook,
and ever since, I've felt like I'm just
waiting to wake up from a dream. emoji heart

Sniff... Sorry-something's in my
eye... fjdlsjfkdask; emoji crying

OK! I needed a good cry there. All
better now. emoji sweat Now, I can't forget
about the biggest item on my to-do
. It's not the world-tour business,
but it's every bit as important.

Project Memverse (name not final)

That's what I'm currently calling my
project to help Agent 8 and all the others
Kamabo Co. preyed on. Gotta
make it one of my top priorities!

Second entry

Dev Diaries DJ Hyperfresh DJ_Hyperfresh 2 years ago
We're busy, busy, busy prepping for
our world tour! Seems like we never
run out of things to take care of. emoji sweat

There aren't many hills Pearl cares
enough to die on, but when it comes to
music, she gets real serious. emoji fire

I take our music seriously too, and
sometimes we both feel so strongly
about something that it turns into
a fight.

That part's never fun. emoji crying But when
it comes to our art, we have to be true
to ourselves! No compromises!

Oh, speaking of the tour, Pearl let me
know we're taking Agent 8 with us!
Agent 8 seems psyched to join up.

If we're this busy now, wait until the
tour actually starts! We'll need all the
help we can get, so this is a big relief.
I know we can count on Agent 8. emoji star

Now I can put all my energy into making
new songs! THE POWEEERRR! emoji exclamation point

Project Memverse (?) Update!

I've finished the prototype of the
virtual world I'm tentatively calling
the Memverse
! All that's there for now
is a recreation of Inkopolis Square. emoji sweat
(The idea is for it to be a temporary
storehouse for memories.)

I'm still struggling with the bigger job
of extracting data from Kamabo Co.'s
. It's tougher than I thought...

Third entry

Dev Diaries DJ Hyperfresh DJ_Hyperfresh 1 year ago
The world-tour schedule is finalized,
and Pearl is in rare form! She's seemed
even more driven since things started
to take shape. It's great to see! emoji heart

I took the day off today to go for
a walk in Inkopolis Square

I'm seeing more Octolings like me
around than ever, which is exciting.
There's real progress in the Octoling
movement to make it to the surface

I wonder if Agent 8 and I escaping had
any influence on that. emoji question mark It's a nice
thought, at least! emoji star

Though of course, plenty of Octolings
are still stuck underground...

Oh, and on the subject of Octolings,
I finally cracked Kamabo Co.'s system!

The first thing I did was pull up all the
data on the Octolings, Octarians, and
anyone else Kamabo Co. got their claws into.

Seems like Kamabo Co. operated the
Deepsea Metro for a very long time.
They kept people under their control
through a process called
sanitization. emoji angry

It's possible that everyone I knew at
the training program or my old job has
been sanitized by now...

I want to help them! I WILL help them!
After all, that's the whole point of
Project Memverse (name pending)! emoji fire

Fourth entry

Dev Diaries DJ Hyperfresh DJ_Hyperfresh 11 months ago

Digging through Kamabo Co.'s system
finally yielded Commander Tartar's
top secret files. I have a firmer grasp
of how sanitization works, so I'll lay
it all out here.

  • Sanitization extracts the subject's
    thoughts and memories. These are
    saved as mem cakes.

  • Post-sanitization, the structure
    housing the subject's soul is left as
    a hollow husk.

  • Injecting dummy information into that
    husk enables total control of the
    original subject

It confirms my theories, but I hate
being right about this. How awful! emoji angry
Could sanitization have also caused
Agent 8's memory loss?

The good news is, there's hope. emoji sparkles

If we could return the mem cakes to a
sanitized soul, it might reverse the
process and restore the subject's self.

This has really lit a fire under me. emoji fire
Project Memverse (title TK) is officially

Cuttlefish hinted at souls once or
twice, and it sounds like he wasn't
being metaphorical. He knows more
than I gave him credit for! emoji sweat

But it's not ALL research with me.
Off the Hook is going great too! emoji exclamation point

Everything is ready for the world tour,
including our songs, and we've been
killing it in rehearsals!

Poor Pearl doesn't know what to do with
a free moment anymore. I'm always
catching her bouncing with anticipation.

The sooner our tour kicks off, the
better! emoji star There's so much good in
my life that my heart might burst!

Fifth entry

Dev Diaries DJ Hyperfresh DJ_Hyperfresh 10 months ago

This is hopeless. emoji crying I have no way
to determine who any of these mem
cakes belong to.

emoji question markemoji question markemoji question mark

I started out analyzing mem cakes
from Agent 8 and Cuttlefish. Then I
did a large-scale survey of mem cakes
I found in Kamabo Co.'s warehouse.
(Or rather, its trash dump.)

But none of that helped me match the
mem cakes to their owners. emoji exclamation point

If it wasn't bad enough that their
origins are hard to trace
, I can't rule
out that a single mem cake could be
made from multiple Octolings
mixed together.

So now what?

I'm not yet to the point where I could
return these mem cakes to their
owners even if I tried.

Would it have killed Commander Tartar
to manage its data properly?! emoji angry

Uggghhh. This is feeling like a dead end.
So it's time to change my approach!

In better news: Off the Hook's world
is getting closer! emoji star

Eight is really shouldering a lot of the
last-minute load for us. It's been just
what I needed!

Oh, and about Eight! I always kinda felt
like "Agent 8" was too formal to say
all the time. emoji sweat

So the other day, I took the plunge and
called out, "Hey, Eight!" And I got the
widest smile
in return!

MISSION: SUCCESS! emoji sparkles

Sixth entry

Dev Diaries DJ Hyperfresh DJ_Hyperfresh 9 months ago
New idea: if I can't get the system to
match a mem cake to its soul, what if I
could get the mem cake itself to do
the work?

All that the thoughts and memories
would have to do is return to their
natural form.

Now, THAT'S an idea worth exploring!

So, in practical terms...

By taking the thoughts and memories
stored in mem cakes and mixing them
up further, then setting them up with
the basic framework of a soul, in
theory they could sift through them
and select
the ones where they belong.

I don't see a way to do all that in the
real world. But if I convert the mem
cakes into data that I could upload to
a virtual space...

This is sounding more and more doable!
Project Memverse (name may change)
emoji fire IS BACK ON! emoji fire

I never thought I'd see the day when
the Memverse virtual world I created
would serve an actual purpose!

Though I haven't really touched it since
finishing the prototype, I hope it'll do
what I need it to. emoji sweat

Seventh entry

Dev Diaries DJ Hyperfresh DJ_Hyperfresh 8 months ago

Memverse Development Notes

-Secure required processing power by
tapping into Kamabo Co.'s mainframe.
Use the Memverse prototype virtual
world to gather mem-cake data for
later world expansion.

-Access confirmed from within the
Kamabo Co. internal network. Set up
external access via standard sea-
cucumber phone

Users set color chips (from general
memory index) into a Palette (basic
copy of their soul) and establish a
connection with compatible memories.

-Adversity proven effective for memory
retention. Have users repeat tasks
to make the memories stick. Once the
memories are sufficiently locked in,
complete the processing. All proposed
steps so far have been verified down
the line.

-Might be good to represent these
steps as climbing a tower?

1 task = 1 floor
Top floor = Processing complete

-If user reaches the top floor,
the experiment is a success. User's
soul is restored to its original state,
with its own thoughts and memories.

-Create dedicated avatars with special
roles to ensure smooth operation.

Need avatars for:
• Memverse management
• User guidance
• System security

Eighth entry

Dev Diaries DJ Hyperfresh DJ_Hyperfresh 7 months ago
I've finalized my Memverse concept and
started working on it in earnest.
I'll need to put in some operators
pretty soon.

I'll handle system management myself!
And I think user guidance would be a
great fit for Pearl.

It's really, truly all starting to
come together!

I'll put myself at the top of the
tower, so Pearl has to climb it to
get the user to me
. emoji heart

Wait...would that make me like
a storybook princess? emoji question mark

Hahaha, now I HAVE to do it!

I'll build you a tower worth the climb,
brave Pearl!

All that experience making training
stages from my days as a tutor at
the training program is about to
pay off! emoji fire

After all, I want this tower to be a
good experience for the users.

But I still need someone to handle
system security for the Memverse.
Maybe I can ask that person Cuttlefish
introduced me to
for help there.

And I'm hoping Eight will volunteer to
be the first test subject.

I better not forget about the
Off the Hook world tour! It's two
short months away

emoji fire I'll make time for music
AND the Memverse! emoji fire

Ninth entry

Dev Diaries DJ Hyperfresh DJ_Hyperfresh 5 months ago
Our world tour has started!

It's a lot of work, but a lot of fun too.
I love being in Off the Hook so much!

Tenth entry

Dev Diaries DJ Hyperfresh DJ_Hyperfresh 3 months ago


WHY did I think I'd have time for a
major project WHILE ON TOUR?!

I'm writing this way past midnight.
This is me venting without screaming
so loud it wakes everyone up.

I had an idea right before bed. emoji sparkles
I wanted to get it down before I forgot,
so I went to my computer. And the next
thing I knew, hours had gone by... emoji crying

What am I doing?! Pearl and the tour
are relying on me. I can't tell
them, "Sorry—no show today; I forgot
to sleep."

Well, we're taking a break once the
first half of the tour is over, so maybe
I can buckle down and finish this then.

In fact, no maybes about it! This
Octoling can do anything! emoji fire

But for now, Project Memverse (final
title pending) is on the back burner.

You know...

I might not have time to do the whole
thing by myself during the tour break.

But that's what friends are for! I know
plenty of engineers from the old days
who'd jump at the chance to help. emoji star

I hope so, anyway...

Oops, I think I see the first rays of
dawn out there. emoji sweat I've REALLY got
to get some sleep.


Eleventh entry

Dev Diaries DJ Hyperfresh DJ_Hyperfresh 1 month ago
emoji sparkles IT'S! ALL! FINISHED! emoji sparkles

Project Memverse, which I've given
the final title of...

★Dramatic Days in Orderland★ ready to launch! emoji exclamation point

Off the Hook's world tour is on its
midway break, so I've been putting all
my energy into development.

With so much time on my hands,
I might've gotten carried away.
I maybe took it a bit too far... emoji sweat

But everything's looking good for me to
help Eight and all the other victims of
Kamabo Co. get their memories back.

I need to let Pearl and everyone know
the good news right away!

One last note so I don't forget:

As I was messing around to make
sea-cucumber phones a viable access
terminal, I found a security hole.

In theory, someone could exploit it and
pull anyone with a sea-cucumber phone
into the Memverse against their will.

I need to remember to warn the phone
company about this.

Twelfth entry

Dev Diaries DJ Hyperfresh DJ_Hyperfresh Yesterday
Tomorrow is finally the trial launch of
Dramatic Days in Orderland!

Eight will be our first test subject.

We've put the system through its
paces, but we can't guarantee there
aren't any unknown risks. But Eight's
more than happy
to help out anyway.
This means so much to me!

Eight being Eight, I'm sure getting to
the top of the tower will be like playing
on Easy Mode.

I really hope Eight's memories return...
Fingers crossed!

Pearl is joining us too. She doesn't
seem to get what it's all about, but
she's usually down for whatever.
Together, the two of us will make
sure Eight gets through it safe
!emoji star

Eight is just the beginning. If this goes
well, soon all of Kamabo Co's victims
can get their selves back—and have
fun while they do it

I'm so excited that I have no idea how
I'll sleep between now and tomorrow!

Acht's Letter 1

From: Acht

Hey, Marina. I found these old photos.
Thought you'd get a kick out of them.

You were so talented and hardworking
in those days.

Me, I was always slacking off and
cutting class. I got to know the inside
of the instructor's office pretty well.

Every lecture was the same. "You
should be diligent and dedicated,
like a true Octarian!" I heard it so many
times that it turned into white noise.

I wonder how she's doing now.

Acht's Letter 2

From: Acht

Hey, Marina. Think this is the only
photo of the two of us together.

You were recruited for an elite position
in an Octavio unit after this was taken,
right? Think I remember hearing that.

I ended up handling security behind
the scenes. Could've been worse.
Going to the front lines was too much
like work.

Guess I never returned the records
I borrowed from you. But then, you've
still got the ones I lent you, so it all
balances out.

Looking at this, I still remember
wondering if you weren't going to get
in trouble, hanging out with a slacker
like me.

So imagine my surprise to find out
you'd been cooking up some sick tracks.
Turned out even an elite knew her way
around some decks.

Acht's Letter 3

From: Acht

Hey, Marina. You can guess the chaos
your desertion caused. I ended up
without much to do except make music.

You remember that club way down in
the lowest levels of the base? I DJed
there for a long time, since I knew it
was one place where the brass wouldn't
be caught dead.

As time went on, I got more and more
into it, to the point where music was
all I thought about.

Honestly...that whole period of my life
is kind of a haze.

But thanks to getting sucked into the
world of order, I caught up with you
again. So maybe it wasn't such a
bad thing.

After all, I found my way to the
surface. I'm back to making my kind
of music. Here we go again, right?

If you're ever up for it, we should jam.

P.S. Consider me an Off the Hook fan.
I found a record I think Pearl would like,
so I'll send it over later. Give my best to Eight.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese イイダの開発日記
iida no kaihatsu nikki
Marina's Development Diary
Netherlands Dutch Mariana's ontwikkelingsdagboek Marina's development daybook
CanadaFrance French Journal de Coralie Marina's Diary
Germany German Marina's Dev-Tagebuch Marina's Dev Diary
Italy Italian Diario di Nori Marina's Diary
Russia Russian Заметки разработчика Мариши
Zametki razrabotchika Marishi
Marina's developer notes
SpainMexico Spanish Diario técnico de Marina Marina's technical diary
China Chinese (Simplified) 饭田的开发日记
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 飯田的研發日記
South Korea Korean 이이다의 개발 일기 Marina's Development Diary
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