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A female protagonist wearing the Hero Suit, carrying the Hero Shot.

The Hero Suit is the outfit worn by the protagonist in Octo Valley, the story mode of Splatoon. It is worn at all times in Octo Valley, replacing any multiplayer gear, and can be upgraded to increase Ink Tank capacity. A new version of the Hero Suit is worn by Agent 4 in Splatoon 2 story mode, Octo Canyon.


The Hero Suit is given as a hand-me-down from Cap'n Cuttlefish when he recruits Agent 3. It's comprised of three parts: the Hero Headset, the Hero Jacket, and the Hero Runners.

The Headset has a pair of earpieces with large pointed shapes jutting out to the sides connected by two thin bars that curve around the back of the head. The shapes on the earpieces are flat triangles, despite appearing conical from the front. The headset is mostly black with small sections of lime green on the earpieces, which also have glowing blue lights.

The Jacket is form-fitting and black with a large collar and a bright yellow safety vest worn on top; "crab bubbles" lining the inside of the jacket keep it light yet capable of retaining heat. At the wearer's left hip hangs two small accessories, one gray and squid-shaped with a light blue outline that seems to glow, and the other red, oval-shaped, and reflective. The art book claims that these are accessories "designed to attract the opposite sex".

The Runners are a pair of black sneakers with lime green accents. They have a black strap halfway down and blue lights at the top that create small trails behind the wearer as they move.

Also included with the Hero Suit is a unique Ink Tank. Instead of the usual caps with varying shades of green, it has smooth, dark gray caps with a lighter gray check pattern. The lines on the Ink Tank change color depending on its upgrades:

  • No upgrades: Blue lines
  • One upgrade: Purple lines
  • Two upgrades: Yellow lines
  • Three upgrades: Green lines

Completing the campaign unlocks the Hero Headset Replica, Hero Jacket Replica and the Hero Runner Replicas for use in multiplayer.

Splatoon 2

In Splatoon 2, the Hero Suit is given by Marie as a hand-me-down and now made up of three parts: the Hero Headphones, the Hero Hoodie, and the Hero Snowboots. Regardless of what the player selects, they will always wear a slimmer version of the boys' shorts and if they pick up Armor, they'll wear the same shorts with tights under them and with knee pads if two are picked up or what seems to be the boy's option of shorts and tights without the shorts if they are a boy or a girl respectively.

The Headphones are a small set of headphones that are shaped like a more conical shape of an Inkling's ears. They are connected in the back by a band that pulses lights. The lights at the end change depending on what color ink the player is: Red if the ink is yellow, blue if the ink is purple or turquoise, yellow if the ink is lime green, or green if the ink is green. The headphones will flash red if Agent 4 is in enemy ink or damaged.

The Hoodie is a yellow-green zipper hoodie with the shoulders and upper arm areas having a reflective material. The hood covers the neck and has two drawstring locks.

The Snowboots are a pair of black puffy boots that are strapped down to a pair of black and orange tracks or anchorings.

Unlike the Hero Suit from the first game, in Splatoon 2 it functions similar to Armor. If Agent 4 gets hit enough times that would splat them, they will instead leave a burst of their ink and lose the Hero Suit, only wearing the headphones, a tank top or a sports bra (depending on what gender they chose), a pair of bracelets that are the same color as the hoodie, the shorts, and what seems to only be the frame of the snow boots. If Agent 4 has drowned in the water during the mission they will also be missing their headset, tank top and snow boots, if they lose their Hero Suit. Their movement will be severely slow regardless if walking or swimming in ink and won't be able to regain health, they will regain the Hero Suit after enough time has passed. The waiting time can be shortened by recovering in ink, reaching a checkpoint, grabbing a Mini Zapfish, or picking up Armor.

Like in the first game, completing the campaign unlocks the Hero Headphones Replica, Hero Hoodie Replica and the Hero Snowboots Replicas for use in multiplayer. However the original set of the Hero Headset Replica, Hero Jacket Replica and the Hero Runner Replicas from the first game is unlocked through the Callie amiibo.

Octo Expansion

Agent 3 is shown to be wearing what is likely the original Hero Suit from the first game. Agent 3 is now also wearing a gray torn cape with a number "3" in the Inkling language, although it is unknown if that is considered part of the Hero Suit. As shown during Agent 8's different battles against Agent 3, the suit can now take another hit like Agent 4's suit.


  • According to the developers, the suit is designed to look like a firefly squid.
  • The Hero Jacket Replica does not include the Hero Suit's Ink Tank, instead using the standard multiplayer one.
  • Both versions of the Hero Suits are said to be hand-me-downs despite the one in Splatoon 2 being a different version.
  • Unlike the first game, Agent 3 has their headset and shoes change color to their ink color, like the Hero Headset Replica and Hero Runner Replicas in Splatoon 2, instead of staying blue.



Splatoon 2

Octo Expansion

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese ヒーロースーツ
Hīrō Sūtsu
Hero Suit
FlagNetherlands.svg Dutch Heldenpak Hero set
FlagFrance.svg French (NOE) Panoplie héroïque Heroic outfit
FlagGermany.svg German Heldenanzug Hero suit
FlagItaly.svg Italian Divisa élite Elite uniform
FlagRussia.svg Russian Геройская униформа
Geroyskaya uniforma
Heroic uniform
FlagSpain.svg Spanish (NOE) Traje de élite Suit of the elite

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