Squad Battle

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Squad Battle

Play a ranked battle with your squid squad!(NA)[a]
Play a Ranked Battle in a squad with your friends!(EU/OC)[b]
Type Online multiplayer mode
Players 6-8 (3-4 vs. 3-4) (2-4 players per squad, 2-player squads teamed up with another 2-player squad, 3-player squads treated as a 4-player squad)
Ranked Yes
Weapons N/A
Controllers width=auto GamePad
Release Date 6 August 2015 (Version 2.0.0)
Squad redirects here. For the band of a similar name, see Squid Squad.

Squad Battle was one of the four multiplayer mode categories in Splatoon, alongside Regular Battle, Ranked Battle and Private Battle. Squad Battle allowed groups of up to four friends to participate together in Ranked Battle with other squads. A squad would always battle together on the same team, and players who were rank S or S+ would not gain or lose rank points. It was made available as part of Version 2.0.0.


When forming a squad, players could create a Quad Squad (four members), a Tri Squad (three members), or a Twin Squad (two members). Squad Battles were always either 4v4, 4v3, or 3v3 battles, since Twin Squads cannot fight alone - they would be paired up with another Twin Squad for a four-player team, and their opponents would also be a pair of Twin Squads. A Tri Squad, however, was treated as a Quad Squad, to their disadvantage when facing actual Quad Squads. However, if they were matched against a Quad Squad, the Tri Squad members were granted a quicker respawn.


If necessary, a squad could be protected by a four-digit password, allowing the creator of the squad to limit it to just invited friends. However, the friends-only rule still stood, so even if someone knew the password to a squad, they could not join unless they were friends with the person who created it.



Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese タッグマッチ
Taggu Macchi
Tag-Team Match
Canada French (NOA) Match en groupes Groups match
France French (NOE) Match en groupe Group match
Germany German Teamkampf Team Battle
Italy Italian Partita di gruppo Team Battle
SpainMexico Spanish Combate en equipo Team Battle


  1. North America
  2. Europe and Oceania