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The White Line Tee is a piece of clothing in the Splatoon series.
It is a 1-star item produced by KOG and comes with the primary ability Swim Speed Up. It can be purchased from Jelly Fresh for Cash 700.


The White Line Tee is a short-sleeved, white T-shirt with a horizontal stripe across the chest that changes color to match that of the wearer's ink and zig-zags toward the left side. On the left sleeve is the KOG logo with the words "THE KING OF GAMES" in gray. Unlike many other short-sleeved shirts, it lacks the usual tag at the hem.


White Line Tee
White Line Tee
Cash 700
Star count
Initial Release (1.0.0)


The White Line Tee comes with Swim Speed Up as the primary ability. As a 1-star item, the White Line Tee comes with one additional slot for secondary abilities, which may be increased to a maximum of three slots with a Super Sea Snail or 30,000 cash for each slot. Since it is made by the KOG gear brand, it has equal chances to roll any secondary ability.



  • The White Line Tee exists in real life, sold by KOG.
  • As it is made to be identical to a real life shirt, the White Line Tee is one of the few items in Splatoon to have English text.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ラインT ホワイト
Rain T Howaito
Line Tee White
Canada French (NOA) T-shirt blanc 1 ligne
France French (NOE) T-shirt ligne blanc
Germany German Weißes Linien-Shirt
Italy Italian T-shirt bianca linea White Line T-shirt
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Camiseta a rayas blanca
Spain Spanish (NOE) Blanca con línea