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The four thangs are collectibles in the Octo Expansion, claimed by the Telephone to be necessary for Agent 8 and Cap'n Cuttlefish's escape from the Deepsea Metro, and into the "promised land".


The blender that is constructed when all thangs have been assembled.

The four thangs resemble pieces of a giant blender, which the Telephone promises will produce a doorway to the "promised land". In reality, it intends to use the blender to blend Agent 8 and Cap'n Cuttlefish into a "primordial ooze", which it plans on using to wipe out all life on Earth and replace it with a new species of its own liking. The thangs are as follows:

Whenever the player unlocks a line containing a thang, the station that contains it is marked on the Deepsea Metro map. Each of the thangs' stations are empty railway terminals with the same layout and do not cost anything to enter. #19 bless plays in these stations, unless the thang is already collected, in which case no music is played. Agent 8 can only choose the Splattershot, with no objectives other than popping the protective bubble around the thang and collecting it. The protective bubble is similar to the Rainmaker's shield, albeit much more durable, requiring almost the entire ink tank's capacity to break. These stations are all named after synonyms of 'break' and 'leave' and their subtitles are all "Here lies the [name] thang..." After breaking the shield, Agent 8 takes a selfie with the thang using the CQ-80 before taking it back to the train on a trolley. The loading screen that appears afterwards shows the thang being carried back to Central Station as well as the normal imagery. The Telephone then congratulates the player on finding the thang.



  • The thangs are similar to a feature in Don't Starve, a game in which the player can optionally collect and assemble five "things". They are named in a similar fashion: the Crank Thing, the Ring Thing, the Box Thing, the Wooden Thing, and the Metal Potato Thing.
  • If the player revisits the stations originally containing the thangs after collecting them, music no longer plays in the station and there are no collectibles present, unlike Octo Canyon having substitutes replacing the Zapfish once they are collected.
  • According to the Splatoon 2 anniversary Famitsu interview, every time a previous test subject collected the four thangs and 'entered the promised land', the thangs were repositioned back to their original stations for the next subject.
  • There seem to be thangs on the NILS Statue.
  • The thangs composing the giant blender in the cutscene seem larger than when collected from each station.


"Thang" is a slang term meaning "thing".

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese アレ
That thing over there
Netherlands Dutch Ding Thing
CanadaFrance French Machin[a] Thingie
Germany German Dingsbums Thingie
Italy Italian Coso Thing (masculine, slang form of "cosa")
Russia Russian Шушпенция
Similar to штукенция shtukenciya, slang word, synonymous with штука shtuka (thing)
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Trasto Thingie
Spain Spanish (NOE) Chisme Thingie
The foundational thang The surrounding thang
Language Name Meaning
Netherlands Dutch Het fundamentele ding The fundamental thing
CanadaFrance French Le Machin qui soutient The Thang that supports
Germany German Das grundlegende Dingsbums The fundamental thingie
Language Name Meaning
Netherlands Dutch Het vangende ding The catching thing
CanadaFrance French Le Machin qui contient The thang that contains
Germany German Das einengende Dingsbums The constraining thingie
The precision thang The sealing thang
Language Name Meaning
Netherlands Dutch Het verdoemende ding The dooming thing
CanadaFrance French Le Machin qui intervient The thang that comes between
Germany German Das unberührbare Dingsbums The untouchable thingie
Language Name Meaning
Netherlands Dutch Het verzegelende ding The sealing thing
CanadaFrance French Le Machin qui retient The thang that retains
Germany German Das versiegelnde Dingsbums The sealing thingie

Translation notes

  1. Proper noun, always captialized