List of Sunken Scrolls in Splatoon 2

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Sunken Scrolls are collectible items in the Splatoon series.

This list documents all Sunken Scrolls found in Splatoon 2.

List of Sunken Scrolls

The first Sunken Scroll.

Scroll 1

  • Text: "A shock wave struck while one young lady was performing at the recent Youth Folk-Singing contest, doing damage to the venue. Fortunately no one was injured."
  • Level: Return of the Octarians
  • Location:
  • Description: Pictures of a young Pearl singing and a broken speaker, taped over a newspaper article. A small doodle of a young Pearl can be seen.
The second Sunken Scroll.

Scroll 2

  • Text: "Music heads are still buzzing over that legendary underground show two years ago. Anyone lucky enough to catch DJ Octavio's opening set and the Squid Sisters headlining had their minds blown and their lives changed that night."
  • Level: Welcome to Octopia
  • Location:
  • Description: A picture of the final battle between a female Agent 3 and DJ Octavio from Splatoon's Octo Valley mode. Several Octarians, including an Octoling and Marina can be seen in the audience. A doodle of a Twintacle Octotrooper can be seen.
The third Sunken Scroll.

Scroll 3

  • Text: "WE'RE MOVING! Ammo Knights will be moving to a new location soon. Many thanks to our loyal customers for your support."
  • Level: Sunset Octocopter
  • Location:
  • Description: An Ammo Knights flyer and two 30% off coupons. This shows how Ammo Knights is now in Inkopolis Square and the original location in Inkopolis Plaza was shut down. However, the Squid Sisters Stories describes it as a second location. A doodle of Sheldon can be seen.

Scroll 4

The fourth Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: "This looks to be a do-it-yourself guide of starting your own mobile business. It looks new, but somebody must've been frying something near it. It has some grease stains on it."
  • Level: Enter the Octohurler
  • Location:
  • Description: A book with a food truck on the cover, and a stained menu clipped to some spreadsheets; they have apparently been used by Crusty Sean in setting up the Crust Bucket and quitting Shrimp Kicks. A doodle of Crusty Sean can be seen.

Scroll 5

The fifth Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: "This looks like a get-rich-quick scheme by some shady guy with crazy hair. "I made a cool 10 million G in a year by just sitting around! Ask me how! Do people really fall for this bilge?"
  • Level: The Octopark
  • Location:
  • Description: A post-it note on an article showing a schematic with a Super Sea Snail, a laptop, a tree and coins, as well as a blurry photograph of Spyke. Doodles of a Super Sea Snail and Spyke can be seen.

Scroll 6

The sixth Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: What could have happened to the two embracing? No matter how one loves, there are always different aims. Love can take a great many forms, whatever the era.
  • Level: Octozeppelin Invasion
  • Location:
  • Description: A handwritten music sheet, a guitar pick, and a picture of Bisk in a suit embracing a different spider crab in a dress, confirmed to be his ex-girlfriend.[1] A doodle of a shoe and Bisk's sunglasses can be seen. The music on the sheet is a brief guitar melody that can be heard at the end of Shella Fresh's version of New You This is also a reference to Bisk's main career as a musician.

Scroll 7

The seventh Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: "Many travelers find themselves in Inkopolis Square at some point in their journey. Youth from far-flung seas gather in this colorful hub of comings, goings, meetings, and farewells."
  • Level: Back-Alley Cleanup
  • Location:
  • Description: A plane ticket, a page with visa stamps, and a picture of Flow wearing a backpack and Craymond reading a map. A doodle of Flow and Craymond can be seen. In an interview, it was revealed Flow was employed after meeting the owner of Headspace whilst on a working holiday.

Scroll 8

The eighth Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: "Inkopolis holds its famous card-game tournament once a year. This year, first-time entrant Jelfonzo appeared on the scene and promptly set about decimating the competition. He walked away with the first-place trophy."
  • Level: Spinning Campground
  • Location:
  • Description: Game cards, containing pictures of Inklings and jellyfish. It is a parody of Hyakunin Isshu cards. A doodle of a jellyfish, possibly Jelfonzo can be seen.

Scroll 9

The ninth Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: "Net the freshest gear around! Get the abilities you've always dreamed about! Orders will be fulfilled by that weird kid with the spiky hair. Interested? Send inquiries to Annie."
  • Level: Octoling Strike
  • Location:
  • Description: Several stickers showing drawings of various pieces of gear. One sticker contains a drawing of Annie and Moe. This is a reference to the SplatNet 2 shop. A doodle of Annie and Moe can be seen. Another doodle, of an Octotrooper wearing sunglasses, can also be seen.

Scroll 10

The tenth Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: "There's a new fish in the sea! Come check out The Shoal! The most entertaining destination in Inkopolis is now OPEN!"
  • Level: Octoseeker Shakedown
  • Location:
  • Description: An advert for The Shoal in a newspaper, accompanied by a stampcard and tickets. A doodle of the Shoal mascot can be seen.

Scroll 11

The eleventh Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: "Major changes to regulations by the powers that be have led to a call for the complete replacement and overhaul of all special weapons. Designers and manufacturers are struggling to comply with this new regulation."
  • Level: The Floating Garden
  • Location: There is a lowered platform with a Tentakook on it. Defeat the Tentakook and it will drop the Sunken Scroll.
  • Description: Three protest signs, the left one showing an illustration of an Inkstrike on a cardboard sign, the middle one shows a photograph of what appears to be the Ink mark left from an Inkstrike attack and the right one showing an Inkzooka inside of a diamond ring. This is the in-game explanation of why no Special Weapons return from the first game. The sign on the left can be seen on the back wall of Inkopolis Square.

Scroll 12

The twelfth Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: "These must be photographs taken by some young-adult Inklings. Are these so-called Tweenklings trying to convince their peers that their lives are exciting and full of meaning? Or are they trying to convince themselves?"
  • Level: Octo-Resort Spring
  • Location:
  • Description: Three screenshots of Inkling social media. The text parallels actual arguments about social media. A doodle of a squid can be seen.

Scroll 13

The thirteenth Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: "The most fashionable gear is crafted with the latest in textile technology. Heating materials to produces smooth curves or distressing stiff fabrics to increase suppleness and change their look are common techniques."
  • Level: Dancing Floors
  • Location:
  • Description: Schematics for a Norimaki 750 shoe and an Inkopolis Squaps Jersey.

Scroll 14

The fourteenth Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: "The latest research has produced startling revelations about Inkling ink! One thought to simply disappear after a while, Inkling ink is actually rapidly disintegrated by airborne microbes!"
  • Level: Parking Garage
  • Location:
  • Description: An X-ray image of an Inkling, highlighting her ink sac, and an infographic showing microbes and a scientist Octarian. The topic of Ink disappearing was also covered by Sunken Scroll 7 in the first game. A doodle of a squid can be seen.

Scroll 15

The fifteenth Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: "Don't slip up and miss the new album by Wet Floor, on sale now! Their style changes like the shifting tides of ink in a battle. Full color or monochromatic, smooth or staccato, or lush and dripping with sound, it's ROCK for a new generation!"
  • Level: Octoling Assault (Octo Canyon)
  • Location:
  • Description: The album's cover art and tracklisting, and a Wet Floor sticker. A doodle of a squid wearing headphones can be seen.

Scroll 16

The sixteenth Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: "NOW HIRING EGG COLLECTORS - No experience required! All ages and backgrounds welcome! A fun way to make some quick G! Grab a friend and join up together!"
  • Level: Secret Bowling Alley
  • Location:
  • Description: An anti-Salmonid poster and a poster that could be a Grizzco Industries recruitment poster or a poster for a Salmon Run related movie. A doodle of Mr. Grizz can be seen.

Scroll 17

The seventeenth Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: ""When smoke rises from the seven rings, The [sic] pinkfish will emerge from the sea, devouring all the creatures of the land." -The Book of Madai, chapter 10, verse 10"
  • Level: Octocommander Fortress
  • Location:
  • Description: A scrap from a religious text, with an illustration showing two Inklings walking away from a horde of Salmonids, as well as seven rings opening up in clouds. The Book of Madai may be referencing to the biblical figure and/or the Japanese name for red sea bream. A doodle of a Stinger can be seen.

Scroll 18

The eighteenth Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: "This appears to be a painting from the Middle Ages. It depicts a great migration of salmon said to occur once every 70 years."
  • Level: Towering Heights
  • Location:
  • Description: A painting of Salmonids. This migration could be happening at the time of Splatoon 2, which may explain why Grizzco Industries is hiring Inklings for Salmon Run. A doodle of a Golden Egg can be seen.

Scroll 19

The nineteenth Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: "Salmonids are known to keep their weapons in tip-top shape. The frying pans they wield have often been passed down from generation to generation. You can see the unwavering pride of these fierce warriors in their (somewhat crazed) eyes."
  • Level: The Experimentorium
  • Location:
  • Description: A picture of a Salmonid admiring its wall of battle gear. A doodle of a Chum with a Power Egg can be seen.

Scroll 20

The twentieth Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: "Don't miss Problem Solved: Studying with Marie! on SBS this Thursday night (and every week thereafter!) at 25:00 sharp! Tune in for a few study tips and a whole lot of procrastination!"
  • Level: Propellerland
  • Location:
  • Description: A keychain resembling Marie's squid form in its packaging, and a picture of Marie sitting at a kotatsu while studying next to a microphone. A small doodle of Marie can be seen to the left in the background.

Scroll 21

The twenty-first Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: "Pandemonium ensued when pop star Callie was spotted at the airport by fans after wrapping up filming for her new upcoming TV drama in New Sardine. She smiled through it all, but it's clear to this reporter that the pressure of fame is getting to her."
  • Level: Octolings Ahoy!
  • Location:
  • Description: The front page of a tabloid newspaper showing a large picture of Callie surrounded by fans, and a small picture of Marie. A doodle of Callie can be seen (note: her bang is swept to the left like Marie instead of the right).

Scroll 22

The twenty-second Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: "Hey, squidkids! It's me Callie! ♡ It's been so long since I've written a proper blog post! <:三 <:三 Being on my own like this, I've got time to think, but sometimes I think too much! (>_<;) But I'm really psyched for filming today! Stay fresh! (`ω´)"
  • Level: Underground Expressway
  • Location:
  • Description: A smartphone and a screenshot, both showing Callie's weblog. The former shows a picture of a flower, the latter a sad squid drawn onto foggy glass, possibly drawn by Callie while feeling distressed about the pressures of fame, as references in the previous scroll. A doodle of a sad-looking squid can be seen.

Scroll 23

The twenty-third Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: "Do you ever think, 'Man this place is UUUUUUUGLY! My evil lair could use some pizazz!'? Well, just whip out some fabric and tape, and get your decorate on! It looks great, feels great, and it's fun! Give it a try, and stay fresh!"
  • Level: The Octogalaxy
  • Location:
  • Description: A hand-drawn guide for decorating an Octarian lair, presumably made by Callie after she was brainwashed by DJ Octavio, referenced by the chipper-sounding speech and "Stay fresh!" at the end. This might explain the glittery Ink effects seen exclusively in Octo Canyon. A doodle of an Octoballer can be seen. It also shows a platform with an Octotrooper on it.

Scroll 24

The twenty-fourth Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: "This looks to be a thesis on the massive weaponry employed by the Octarians. Specifically, this research shows how sentient tentacles are implanted in their machines as a means of control. This science is at least 15 years ahead of the rest of the world!"
  • Level: Transfer Junction
  • Location:
  • Description: A research paper showing a schematic for the creation of the Octostomp, and a complex chemical structure. This explains why a single tentacle has to be splatted while fighting Bosses. A doodle of Octostomp can be seen.

Scroll 25

The twenty-fifth Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: "My dearest Callie and Marie -(STOP)- On a research trip to the cape with Agt 3 -(STOP)- May be late, but left dinner in the fridge -(STOP)-"
  • Level: Platform Madhouse
  • Location:
  • Description: A postcard from Cap'n Cuttlefish, a map, and a fishing lure. Agent 3 was the role the player assumed in the first game's single-player modes. This reveals what happened to Cap'n Cuttlefish when he disappeared, shown in the Squid Sisters Stories, and why he doesn't appear in Octo Canyon. A doodle of a meal can be seen.

Scroll 26

The twenty-sixth Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: "Calamari Research Labs Video Log #5628: This coffin-like is a historical relic of the old world and is kept under strict lock and key. I unplugged it by accident while cleaning the other day, but it seems to still be running somehow..."
  • Level: Paradise Lanes
  • Location:
  • Description: Security footage from Calamari Research Labs, highlighting that a cleaner has accidentally unplugged Judd's capsule. Inexplicably, it still appears to be functioning. A doodle of Judd can be seen.

Scroll 27

The twenty-seventh Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: "Oh, Judd. When your capsule opens in the future, you may find yourself alone. Should that be the case, I ask you to re-energize the capsule once again. Oh, dearest Judd, I only hope that you can forgive me for all I've put you through."
  • Level: Octoling Workout
  • Location:
  • Description: Sonographs of dividing cells, a cat fetus, and Li'l Judd, on top of a schematic of Judd inside his capsule. A doodle of Judd can be seen.

Scroll 28

The twenty-eighth Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: "Welcome to Octo Canyon, the world's most gorgeous gorge. Collect all of the commemorative souvenir stickers!"
  • Level: Tentakeel Outpost, Suction-Cup Lookout, Beaker's Depot, Slimeskin Garrison, Cephalon HQ
  • Location:
  • Description: Five stickers corresponding to the five sectors that they're found in, by bursting Balloons.