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The mailbox is a service in the hub areas of the Splatoon series that allows players to create posts and share them via social media.

These posts constitute a significant secondary social aspect of the gameplay of the series, as they may be viewable by other players and may be displayed as signs or graffiti in the hub and in various stages in multiplayer matches.[1][2]

During Splatfests, players can additionally post drawings that may appear during the event.


Miiverse mailbox
This article or section describes content that may be partly or wholly inaccessible due to its removal or the discontinuation of online services.
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In Splatoon, players could post to Miiverse's Splatoon community from the mailbox in Inkopolis Plaza, either with text or a drawing, both of which were created on the GamePad. These posts could then be seen in-game as graffiti or in the Plaza above other players' avatars.

Location: It is located between Ammo Knights and the Inkopolis Tower. The Splatfest booth was positioned to the left to the mailbox before and during Splatfests.

Due to the closure of Miiverse, it is no longer possible to submit drawings or text posts in Inkopolis Plaza.

Splatoon 2

Mailbox in Inkopolis Square.

Splatoon 2 implements a new posting system in which players are now able to submit posts via linked external social media accounts (Facebook or Twitter). Due to various changes owing to the change in platform to the Nintendo Switch, drawings are now made using either stick and button controls or the Switch's capacitive touchscreen. Additionally, text posts are no longer possible; only drawings can be made. The aforementioned changes aside, the implementation of posts is broadly similar to Splatoon, with posts still being viewable in both the Square and as stage graffiti.

Location: The mailbox is located between the headgear shop Headspace and the weapon shop Ammo Knights. The Splatfest terminal was close-by near the center of Inkopolis Square.

Splatoon 3

Stand with mailbox in Splatsville.

In Splatoon 3, a mailing stand with a mailbox is located in Splatsville. The functionality is broadly unchanged from Splatoon 2, but includes the new option of vertical banner posts, allowing players to draw vertically-aligned images.

Additionally, the player now has a limited form of control over what posts they will see, as their Splatfest region choice will determine what region's posts will appear (e.g., a player who has chosen the Japan Splatfest region will exclusively see other Japan region posts, regardless of their actual geographic location).

The redesigned Inkopolis Plaza mailbox.
The returning Inkopolis Square mailbox.

The Inkopolis Plaza and Inkopolis Square mailboxes also return as part of the Splatoon 3: Expansion Pass. The Plaza mailbox is recolored red to match the newer mailboxes and lacks the Miiverse logo, but retains the two-slot design and eye stickers; the Square mailbox is almost entirely unchanged from Splatoon 2.


  • Splatsville: To the right of the hub in the main boulevard, near Hotlantis and across the street from Naut Couture and Man-o'-Wardrobe. For the first time, the Splatfest booth is no longer in the immediate vicinity, instead being located on the far side of the main square.
  • Inkopolis Plaza: To the immediate right of the lobby entrance. The former position of the mailbox in Splatoon is now the location of the Splatfest terminal.
  • Inkopolis Square: To the left of the lobby entrance, immediately between Headspace and Ammo Knights, just as in Splatoon 2.


This mailbox is where you can make drawings and post them for others to see. Your drawings may be viewable by other players, so please don't post personal information or inappropriate content. These drawings may be displayed as signs or graffiti in Splatsville or other cities.
— In-game description upon first interacting with the mailbox in Splatoon 3.



Splatoon 3

Developer-made posts


Splatoon 2

Splatoon 3

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ポスト
Post, mailbox
Netherlands Dutch Brievenbus Mailbox
Germany German Briefkasten Mailbox
Spain Spanish (NOE) Buzón Mailbox