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For battle locations, see stage.

Maps are navigational tools used in the Splatoon series.


In matches, the map shows a comprehensive, top-down view of the current stage. It is constantly updated to show every splatter of ink and the locations of all teammates, represented by small icons. When an enemy is under attack or tracked using a weapon or ability, their icon can also be seen on the map temporarily. Players can select the location of an ally or Squid Beakon to Super Jump to that location.

When not in battle, the map shows all accessible locations in Inkopolis. The player can instantly go to the desired location by selecting the applicable button near the map.

During missions in Octo Valley, the map over the level is displayed on Gamepad, where keys are shown on the map and enemies appear as white dots. In Splatoon 2, there is no map for Salmon Run stages, Octo Canyon missions, or Octo Expansion missions.

In Splatoon, the map is viewable only on Gamepad. Interactions with the map are done using its touchscreen functionality.

In Splatoon 2, the map is accessed by opening it with X. During the battle, the motion-controlled pointer or D-Pad are used to select Super Jump locations, and A is used to confirm and start the Super Jump. With D-Pad, down is always Spawn Point while the other directions correspond to the order of teammates' cephalopods at the top UI. A Super Jump to a Squid Beakon can only be selected with the motion-controlled pointer.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Netherlands Dutch Kaart Map
France French (NOE) Carte Map
Germany German Karte Map
Italy Italian Mappa Map
Russia Russian Карта
Spain Spanish (NOE) Mapa Map