The Ursine Anomaly - #03/Quotes

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The dialogue includes the following characters: Callie (Agent 1), Marie (Agent 2), Cuttlefish, Mr. Grizz, Frye, Shiver, Big Man, the Captain, and DJ Octavio.

After reaching the entrance to the rocket


  • Agent 1: Graaamps! We're here to save you!
  • Agent 2: What?
  • Agent 1: GRAMPS! NO!
  • Agent 2: Dehydrated in his prime...
  • Agent 2: OH!
  • Mr. Grizz: Welcome.
  • Agent 1: Hey, you overgrown furball! Turn Gramps back into... Gramps!
  • Mr. Grizz: Valued employees... we appreciate your feedback. However, it will not be implemented at this time.
  • Agent 2: What's that supposed to mean?!
  • Mr. Grizz: It means the end of your employment.
  • Mr. Grizz: ...And the end of the world as you know it, to be clear.
  • Mr. Grizz: As per my memo, I will be coating the planet in Fuzzy Ooze in an effort to restore balance.
  • Mr. Grizz: Don't call it "Hairmageddon". HR doesn't like it.

After Mr. Grizz uses the rocket


  • Agent 1: No... The rocket...
  • Agent 2: Graaamps!
  • Agent 2: He's... he's all dried up...
  • Agent 1: But how...
  • Agent 1: HUH?!
  • Cuttlefish: Phew! Somebody got the drop on me! Anyone else feelin' a bit parched?
  • Cuttlefish: Also feeling a bit lighter. And waaay flatter.
  • Agent 2: Talking squid jerky? You're alive?!
  • Agent 1: Thank goodness you're, uh, alright...ish...
  • Agent 1: Hey, wait! We're still in danger!
  • Agent 1: The rocket! The fuzz!
  • Agent 2: But we'll never catch that rocket. It's impossible.
  • Agent 2: What can we do...
  • Frye: HOOOLD UP A SEC!
  • Frye: Sounds like you folks need some help... and Deep Cut is here to steal the spotlight!
  • Frye: Swirl it up, eels!
  • Shiver: Your turn, Master Mega!
  • Big Man: Aaay! (Here!)
  • Cuttlefish: Stay fresh up there, kid!
  • Agent 1: Go, Agent 3!
  • Agent 1: The fate of the world is in your hands!
  • Agent 2: You too, li'l Smallfry!

After Agent 3 lands in space


  • Agent 1: YES! We did it!
  • Agent 2: Wait. Where's Mr. Grizz?
  • Mr. Grizz: Well, well. Such dedication to your work.
  • Mr. Grizz: I think you've earned yourself a break.
  • Mr. Grizz: Now come here... SO I CAN BREAK YOU.

Dialogue during the first phase of the fight


  • Agent 1: A golden egg! You might be able to use that!
  • Agent 2: Nice work, Agent 3—and Smallfry too! Keep going!
  • Agent 2: What's up with the oozy splotches on his belly?
  • Agent 1: Whoa! A Fuzzball came out!

Dialogue during the second phase of the fight (after clearing the first Fuzzball on Mr. Grizz)


  • Mr. Grizz: You're not clocking out that easily.
  • Agent 2: More Fuzzy Ooze!
  • Agent 2: What's he doing? Rolling over?
  • Agent 1: He's making the whole rocket rotate! Move with the rotation, Agent 3!
  • Agent 1: Keep it up! You're halfway through a full rotation!
  • Agent 2: All right! There's the Fuzzball!

Dialogue during the third phase of the fight (after clearing the second Fuzzball on Mr. Grizz)


  • Mr. Grizz: Ah, a setback. But this is a GROWTH INDUSTRY!
  • Agent 1: Where'd he go?
  • Agent 2: Looks like he's gonna roll again. Brace yourself!
  • Agent 1: Mr. Grizz is sitting down! He's up to something...
  • Agent 1: Finish this, Agent 3! NOW!