Hero Slosher

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Agent 4 holding the Hero Slosher.

The Hero Slosher is a slosher in Splatoon 2 that is exclusively used in Octo Canyon.


Hero Slosher

Hero Slosher

Category Main
Class Slosher
Base damage Lv. 1
  • 75

Lv. 2

  • 100
Base duration
Ink consumption 7%
Special points
Special depletion
Fire rate
Charge speed
Ink speed
Other variant

The Hero Slosher has a very similar design to the Slosher but with bigger bolts and shocks, it's usable in Octo Canyon and can be upgraded one level. Like all hero weapons of Splatoon 2, they come with switchable sub weapons of Splat Bombs, Curling Bombs and Autobombs. It is loaned by Sheldon during the level, Octoseeker Shakedown, and can be used in missions after beating the level. Beating all missions in Octo Canyon unlocks the Hero Slosher Replica for purchase at Ammo Knights.

  • Lv.1: Has Blue Shocks
  • Lv.2: Has Red Shocks, requires 1500 Power Eggs and 3 Sardinium. Increases fling speed and power.

Hero Slosher Replica

Main article: Hero Slosher Replica

The Hero Slosher Replica is a reward in Splatoon 2 unlocked for purchase at Ammo Knights by beating all missions with the Hero Slosher. It is a slosher-type main weapon and is visually identical to the Hero Slosher. Despite its unique appearance, it is simply a reskin of the Slosher, sharing the same stats and loadout, Suction Bombs and Tenta Missiles.


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