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AHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!! You blew it! You've totally screwed yourself! Nobody enters my home and leaves in one piece!
— The Snatcher (A Hat In Time)/ Me when a charger player enters the Splat Zone

Hey there, YourUsername with YourEditCount edits, for some odd reason! I'm WoomyMcBoomy, a proud member and patroller on the Inkipedia! I love the Splatoon series, and I'm hyped for Splatoon 3! For personal info, such as real name, date of birth, e-mail, etc, I mostly like to remain anonymous, but I'm glad to be apart of this wiki, and I'll try to contribute as best I can! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns (or just a little help in general), feel free to tell me about it on my talk page! And just so you know, I will not be updating this further because I'm too lazy to do so. Now get back to work!

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