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I WILL be off tomorrow. I want to be left alones

Queen Monarch
Queenie wearing enperry gear.jpg
Species Inkling
Hair color Sun yellow
Eye color Sun yellow
Age 15 (2 years older than Prinz)
Gender Female
Relations Prinz and Emperor (Cousins), Gloves (Boyfriend)

Ink guard, A.K.A Agent 8
Species Octoling
Hair color Pale Blue
Eye color Pale Blue
Age 16
Gender Male
Relations Uncle Octavio
I like emo and have a second account User:Emperor the overlord
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S3 O.C

Jonathon. A male inkling who does the news. He formed an emo band, The Deep End. As a result of a childhood injury, he had his ink tank and color drained, so he has crystal tentacles. His twin siblings, Coraline and Mollusc, host the news. He made friends with Queenie

'Bout me!

User:Prinz the overlord/Prologe Hello there I'm Prinz,Queenie, or Daisy, depending on how you know me. I am Autistic and in general an OK person. I'm on the Fire Emblem wiki, as SylvainLol

Emperor vol 11.jpg This user is Team Emperor's Number one fan.
S2 Band Chirpy Chips.jpg This user loves Chirpy Chips!
Prince.jpg This user loves prinz <3
Queenie.jpg This user is Non binary!

Splatfest pictures


Minifest Inkoming!


The theme is.... Queenie vs. Gloves! User:Prinz the overlord/Gloves Vs. Queenie

Runs: 4:00-6:00P.M Jan TBC (Uk time) Sorry about the times,I am really busy.


Queenie: Raven is organizing her 2nd minifest! Gloves: COOL! What's the theme? Queenie: Why don't you find out I'm scared! Gloves: Okay! It's... Me vs.You!? Queenie: Well I'm rooting for you Gloves! Gloves: I'm rooting for the Queen of team Emperor, Queenie! Prinz: Uh... guys? Gloves *Sighs* : it's cool I'm on Gloves, he's the cool one, that hair... Queenie: Gloves! Well then... I'm going Queenie! Emperor: Queenie for me! Prinz: Gloves!!! Everyone: Have an


  • S1 squid
  • S1 Inkling Girl
  • Marie
  • Callie
  • Pearl
  • Marina

Fire Emblem

  • Marth
  • Robin
  • Byleth (Pre-ordered)
  • Chrom


  • Samus
  • Zero Suit Samus

My sand box

Enjoy! User:Prinz the overlord/Sandbox

Character voices:

Gloves: Fake American accent Queenie : Edgy intellectual Prinz : Shy but friendly person Emperor : Rich posh kid Goggles : High pitched Mr and Mrs. Gloves : As if saying their childs name is a crime Mr and Mrs Monarch : British voices Carla : Exitable James : Skater slang


Up coming fests: Enperry vs. Kensa Specter knight vs. Plague knight (Shovel knight!) User:Prinz the overlord/Gloves Vs. Queenie

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ChessMaster's second Minifest!


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