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Username: Waddle Dee
Level: 36 (Splatoon 3)
Sunken Scrolls: 100% (Splatoon 3)
Alterna Logs: 100%
Anarchy Battle: S
Super Sea Snails: 21 (In Total)
Splatfest Most Recent Victory: Keyboard
Alterna Including Survey: Completed (100%)
Species: Inkling
Favorite Mode: Splat Zones, Tricolor Turf War, Rainmaker
Favorite Splatfest: Chaos vs Order, Dark Chocolate vs Milk Chocolate vs White Chocolate, Vanilla vs Strawberry, vs Mint Chip
Favorite Type of Weapon: Enperry Splat Dualies, Z+F Splatterscope, Krak-On Splat Roller and Annaki Splattershot Nova
Favorite Ink Colors: Fuzzy Octarian, White Chocolate Tan, Orange, Yellow, Mint Chip Green, Wisdom Blue, Fire Red, Ghost Purple
Favorite Songs: Tidal Rush, Fly Octo Fly, Ebb & Flow (Octo), Nasty Majesty, Ink Me Up, Color Pulse and Calamari Inkantation 3MIX, Till Depth Do Us Part, Anarchy Rainbow, Wave Goodbye
Favorite in-game Band: Chirpy Chips or the Squid Sisters

I'm not going on hiatus!

Know what? Nevermind. I'm going to pick myself up, and work harder than ever!! I've been here a year, and learned a lot, so I'm going to make this the best time ever! I'm going to work hard, apply for patroller, and MAKE IT! I AM DETERMINED!

Welcome to my page Guest!

I love all things Splatoon!

My favorite weapons are the Enperry Splat Dualies, Z+F Splatterscope, Splatana Stamper, Krak-On Splat Roller, Annaki Splattershot Nova and Octobrush.

I mainly work on competitive pages.

I will keep working on this wonderful website as long as I can. Stay Fresh!

Also, if you wanna talk about competitive, feel free to hit me up! I'll respond whenever available.

Level: 36

No Idea XD / I forgot to check

Catalog Level: 68

4890 / 9500

Rank: S


Salmon Run Rank: Profreshional 40

40 / 99

Tableturf Rank: 2

0 / 100


Title: Splatana-Using World Champ


Yo I finally got an online membership! I obsess over Splatoon. When I say obsess, I MEAN OBSESS. You would find me humming and listening to the music often, I would talk about it way to much, and it's crazy how a few years ago, it was the same with Mario for me. I have Splat Tim 3 Paris Edition, and I've beaten the final sequence 3 times, After Alterna 7 times, and my greatest feat, I'VE BEATEN ONE WAY RIDE THROUGH TARGET TOWN 3 TIMES. ONCE WITH EACH WEAPON.

My Signature: NewSquidbeakSplatoon (talk)

My Tri Slosher Nouveau Competitive page draft: Here

(OUTDATED) THE PLAN to get Splatoon 1 competitive pages

Listen to this while reading pls :D

Guys, Inkipedia has a problem. You may know that Splatoon 1's online service is about to go to the great big cloud in the sky, and we have an issue. Some Splaton only weapons (Like Dual Squelcher or E-Liter 3K) can't have competitive pages made, IF WE CAN'T USE THEM ONLINE. Also, unlike Octo Expansion or Return of the Mammalians, there is no other weapon but the Hero Shot in Octo Valley. This is a problem. Also, even if the weapon is not Splatoon 1 only, there is still a problem, because many weapons have different kits in Splatoon 1 and in general have different play styles. Many people say it's a lost cause, and it's too late because we have about 5 months before Splatoon 1 is gone, but I feel like we really need to try our hardest possible, because the Splatoon 1 part of this project (Project Stratagize) is on borrowed time. Even if people have the game and weapon to accompany it, that won't help much because they can't access the shooting range (unless they can access it through the equip menu) This could result the project being incomplete. Forever. So here's what we gotta do. There are three roles to play, and you don't even need Splatoon 1 to help!

The Player

These are the people who have Splatoon 1 and what we need the most of. Actual players. If they have and main one of the weapons we need, they can add their tips, tricks, and recommendations. They have to have at least executed the tip or trick just to be sure it works, and they must be sure that they are decent with the weapon. For recommendations, they must have had it help them at least 3 times, to know it wasn't a fluke or their game play in itself. It doesn't have to be 3 separate matches, just three times. Some sort of proof like a video or recording would be helpful. Some weapon priorities could be Dual and Custom Dual Squelcher, E Liter 3K and 3K Scope, the Custom 3K and Custom 3K Scope, The Heavy Splatling Remix, N-ZAP 83, Sploosh-o-matic, Sploosh-o-matic 7, Custom Splattershot Jr., Tempered Dynamo Roller, and CoroCoro Splat Roller.

The Annalist

This is the secondary, easier role. Some people, like me, can just watch gameplay and create tips off of that. There are many gameplay videos across multiple platforms for videos. Also, if you know a person who has the game, you can set up a session to watch them play and create tips based off of that. If you are watching on YouTube or other video watching services, be sure that what you are watching is legitimate and not hacked, changed, and otherwise edited gameplay. (This doesn't include video trims, visual effects, and other harmless edits.) This role is very helpful so players who cannot interpret tips from their own gameplay can have someone else interpret it. If you are a player who knows an annalist, you can ask them to analyze your gameplay and then have it added to Inkipedia.

The Thinker

The final, easiest role. This is for people who can't be a player, or annalist, but can use common sense and imagination to just think up their own tips. These tips are helpful, but they should be tested by a player to be sure that it works and is helpful. The tips of course must make sense, not like telling a Hydra Splatling main to rush base. Some tips are supposed to be teammate inclusive or kit inclusive, because no one wants just tips about the weapon or player themselves. Some of the Splatoon 3 Octobrush tips were from me thinking!

That's the plan my cephlopals. If you can use of these roles, or know someone who can, please help our cause. Splatoon's life is running short, and it doesn't seem like Nintendo is moving the deadline. If everyone who can pitches in, we could have this whole thing done in 2 months. So, please help. That's all. Stay Fresh!

I got Userboxes!

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