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This is my user page. I had joined Inkipedia on January 9, 2023. I usually main the Octobrush and the Hero Shot Replica. I had 100% cleared Octo Canyon in Splatoon 2 and Return of the Mammalians in Splatoon 3. I am at Rank A- in Splatoon 3's Anarchy Battle. I hadn't unlocked X Battle yet. I am committed to making new quotes for the Return of the Mammalians missions. Not just that, but I'm also adding and fixing quotes from previous single-player campaigns too!

Use this replay code for one of my greatest games: RQC5-T8CC-QTW9-Y6P3

Update: 2/15/2023 9:32 PM EST: I finally became an autopatrolled user, meaning that staff won't have to review my edits. I am so happy! Maybe I might become an admin soon! Who knows?

Take a look at my art!

K P Official
My OC "Clyde" as of 11 June 2023 (not my real name)
Species Octoling
Height 162cm (5'4")
Hair color
Eye color Brown
Age 15 (Not my actual age)
Gender Male
Pronouns he/him
Relations Sophie Fujikawa (girlfriend) (Not my actual girlfriend)
Maximum HP
Other forms
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Most common weapons


Clyde (born September 21st, 2007, not my real birthday):

Favorite weapon: Hero Shot Replica (he is a full-fledged permanent resident of Alterna!)

Personality: Calm, excited, very tough, enthusiastic

Weapon strategy: Go all out!

Octarian File:

Clyde Sato (クライド佐藤)

Current Status: Missing

Age 2: Shot his first enemy with the basic Octo Shot

Age 5: Became an Octoling assistant, learns how to octo form very early

Sanitized Clyde

Age 11: Got sanitized by Telephone, unsanitized after hearing Fly Octo Fly

Age 13: Abandoned the Octarian military and found Splatsville

Age 15: Found a girlfriend named Sophie Fujikawa, starting to grow facial hair


S3 Splatfest Logo.svg Splatoon 3 Splatfests
Splatfest RotM Icon Shiver.png Shiver RotM Icon Frye.png Frye RotM Icon Big Man.png Big Man Winners Comment
S3 Splatfest Grass vs Fire vs Water.png

Grass vs. Fire vs. Water

S3 Splatfest Icon Grass.pngGrass Defender S3 Splatfest Icon Fire.pngFire S3 Splatfest Icon Water.pngWater S3 Team Water Win.jpg This was my first Splatfest. I chose this because I knew that Shiver would win the third time in a row. It was an unfair loss because Water got all of the points.
S3 Splatfest Spicy vs Sweet vs Sour.png

Spicy vs. Sweet vs. Sour

S3 Splatfest Icon Spicy.pngSpicy S3 Splatfest Icon Sweet.pngSweet Fiend S3 Splatfest Icon Sour.pngSour S3 Team Sweet Win.jpg I only participated for 1 hour due to other things, even though I wanted to participate badly. I knew Frye would win.
S3 Splatfest Dark Chocolate vs Milk Chocolate vs White Chocolate.png

Dark Chocolate vs. Milk Chocolate vs. White Chocolate

S3 Splatfest Icon Dark Chocolate.pngDark Chocolate Ruler +1 S3 Splatfest Icon Milk Chocolate.pngMilk Chocolate S3 Splatfest Icon White Chocolate.pngWhite Chocolate S3 Team White Chocolate Win.jpg I got the Ruler badge and participated in many Tricolor Battles. My outcome was the same as the November 2022 one.
S3 Splatfest Nessie vs Aliens vs Bigfoot.png

Nessie vs. Aliens vs. Bigfoot

S3 Splatfest Icon Nessie.pngNessie S3 Splatfest Icon Aliens.pngAliens Fiend S3 Splatfest Icon Bigfoot.pngBigfoot Team Nessie S3 Win.jpg How? How is this even possible?! At least I participated but I didn't participate much because of other work.
S3 Splatfest Power vs Wisdom vs Courage.png

Power vs. Wisdom vs. Courage

S3 Splatfest Icon Power.pngPower S3 Splatfest Icon Wisdom.pngWisdom S3 Splatfest Icon Courage.pngCourage Fan S3 Team Power Win.jpg Another clean sweep... This time by Shiver. I'm just going to let this loss slide this time.
S3 Splatfest Vanilla vs Strawberry vs Mint Chip.png

Vanilla vs. Strawberry vs. Mint Chip

S3 Splatfest Icon Vanilla.pngVanilla S3 Splatfest Icon Strawberry.pngStrawberry Ruler S3 Splatfest Icon Mint Chip.pngMint Chip S3 Team Vanilla win.jpg Y-y'know what? Just assassinate Shiver and let it be two teams only. I've got nothing else to say.