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Me in Splatoon 3 and my Little Buddy

On Discord, please only ping me if it's important or dm me if absolutely necessary.

Hey YourUsername! I'm OrderSquid, a patroller on this wiki and a Nintendo enthusiast. I've never played Splatoon 1, but I've played Splatoon 2 since Aug. 29, 2020, and I have played Splatoon 3 since release. I was introduced to the series by my friend in 2020. I'm relatively good at S2 and S3. I do not accept most friend requests. Oh, and don't bother to read this whole page, it's really not worth the time. Looks like you've made YourEditCount edits so far!

I have a Youtube channel, but I no longer upload anything.

Pages I have created


Splatoon 2

  • Username: OrderSquid
  • Species: Inkling
  • Level: 56
  • Cash:Idk but pretty rich
  • Super Sea Snails: 33
  • Friend Code: SW-1920-5311-4921
My splashtag as of 11/17/23

Splatoon 3

  • Species: Inkling
  • Splashtag: Made-to-Order Squid, Inc.
  • Level: 54
  • Catalog Levels
    • Drizzle Season 2022: 77
    • Chill Season 2022: 91
    • Fresh Season 2023: 75
    • Sizzle Season 2023: 84
    • Drizzle Season 2023: 34
    • Chill Season 2023: 38
    • Fresh Season 2024: 21
    • Sizzle Season 2024: 1
  • Tabletuf Battle lv: 21
  • Sheldon Licenses: 19
  • Super Sea Snails: 268


Splatoon 2

  • Splat Zones: B
  • Tower Control: A-
  • Clam Blitz: B-
  • Rainmaker: A-
  • Salmon Run: Profreshional

Splatoon 3

  • Anarchy Battle: B
  • Salmon Run: Eggsecutive VP

Octo Canyon 1000%

Weapons: All unlocked and upgraded

Sunken Scroll: Collected all.

Sardinium: Collected and used all.

Octo Expansion

Completed every level without help (but not with every weapon)

Got every Octo Expansion gear

Beat the some escape phases with skips (cuz I'm bad)

Beat Inner Agent 3!

Return of the Mammalians

Main campaign completed!

After Alterna completed!

Overall exploration rate: 86.0%

Future Utopia Island

  • Exploration rate: 100.0%

Cozy & Safe Factory

  • Exploration rate: 93.0%

Cryogenic Hopetown

  • Exploration rate: 74.0%

Landfill Dreamland

  • Exploration rate: 81.0%

Eco-Forest Treehills

  • Exploration rate: 90.0%

Happiness Research Lab

  • Exploration rate: 81.0%

Alterna Space Center

Side Order

Game Completion: 2

Palettes Owned: Murch, Marina, Shiver, Pearl, Sheldon, Agent 4, Big Man

Palettes Completed: Murch, Marina

Favorite Weapons

Splatoon 3

Hydra Splatling: This thing got BUFFED. I used Booyah bomb so many times and got so many kills with this in the Splatfest World Premiere.

Aerospray RG: Basically the PG but with sprinklers.

Luna Blaster Neo: I love its kit. Stamp and fizzy bombs are really good with its short ranged aggressive style. This is by far the best weapon in Splatoon 3.

Clash Blaster Neo: This one's better than the vanilla clash. The curling bomb is great and the super chump is even better!

Big Swig Roller Express: I don't know what got me into this thing, but it's such a good weapon! The ink storm fits its inking synergy and the angle shooter is always good for combos.

Painbrush: I normally don't use brushes because I don't like the ZR trigger spam, but the painbrush's range and damage make it a great weapon.

Range Blaster: I used to hate this weapon because of its slow firing speed but once I started using it I went crazy with it! I always get unexpected directs with this.

.52 Gal: I hate this weapon when I'm against it but in rainmaker it is op.

Least Favorite Weapons

Splatoon 3

REEF-LUX 450: To be honest, I had high hopes for this weapon. Turns out to be TERRIBLE at killing and it's just bad. Tri-Stringer is better.

Slosher Deco: Apparently nintendo's good at making weapons with great designs, but terrible kits. I mean, Angle shooter and Zipcaster? What in tarnation..

S-BLAST '92: When it was announced I was so hyped for this weapon but now it's just bad. It's really hard to aim with the long range shot and it just doesn't fit me.


Splash-o-matic and Neo Splash-o-matic: The meta with this thing was stupid and it still is annoying

Tri-Slosher and Tri-Slosher Nouveau: You need no skill for this weapon. It's literally so annoying.

Tentatek Splattershot: It is so annoying with its tristrike and accuracy. Needs a nerf.


The team I chose is in bold.

Splatoon 2

Trick vs Treat (2020) Win King

My first splatfest. First of all, I absolutely hate Halloween and I'm not a person who likes candy that much. But still, I'd rather get some candy instead of scaring the heck outta people. I won one 10x battle.

I was wearing Hero Headphones Replica and Gray Sea-Slug Hi-Tops. My weapon was Sploosh-O-Matic 7.

Super Mushroom vs Super Star Lose King

Super Star is invincible. Super shroom just makes you bigger. Super star should've won. I think I had a 10x battle but I lost.

I was wearing Hero Headphones Replica and Null Boots Replica. I forgot my weapon though.

Splatoon 3

Rock vs Paper vs Scissors WIN Ruler +3

Rock is hard and powerful, also Shiver. I'm really happy I won the first splatfest. This was also the first time I got in a 100x battle and won. I actually won three 100x battles and one 10x battle. No 333x battles though.

I wore the FishFry Visor and Blue & Black Squidkid IV. I mostly used the Hydra Splatling but I also used many other weapons as well.

Gear vs Grub vs Fun WIN Ruler +2

Fun won't help you survive a deserted island. Gear and food are the most important for survival, but if the deserted island has some food sources (which most islands have), gear would be a better choice. Plus, with gear you have some good shelter and you can farm food if there isn't any meat. I lost one 10x battle and won 10x battle. I didn't get a 100x or 333x.

I wore the Samurai Helmet and U Jellys. I mostly used the .52 Gal but used many other weapons as well.

Grass vs Fire vs Water LOSE: 2nd, tied with Fire Ruler

I love grass types. My absolute favorite pokemon is Venasaur, so that also explains why I'm on grass. In terms of Scarlet and Violet, I will probably pick Sprigatito or Fuecoco, depending on the evos. I just feel very connected with grass types. Coincidentally, I'm picking Shiver's team for the third time in a row. I won a few 10x battles, but lost one 100x battle. I was VERY disappointed with the results. Water had ALL the bonuses! I mean, I was at least expecting to get 2nd place and fire to be third, but NO. Thanks a lot Nintendo!

I wore the Takoroka Visor and Red & Black Squidkid IV and mostly used the Hydra and Sloshing machine.

Spicy vs Sweet vs Sour LOSE: 3rd Ruler +1

Ouch Nintendo. You hit me with a hard decision. I like all three of these! Spicy food is fine, but I can only eat mildly spicy stuff. Sweet food is great, like cakes and candy, but I hate chocolate and caramel and etc. Would definitely choose this as a second choice. But sour foods, oh man, these are unbeatable. Lemon is good with everything, lemon tea, lemonade, lemon flavored candy 🍋, I could go on. Also sour food taste great anyway and are refreshing afterwards. I hated these results. I knew that it would happen eventually, but I hate the people who thought frye needed to win a fest. WHO CARES ABOUT THE IDOL. It's about the team. Many fail to recognize this. I won three 10x battles and two 100x battles! The funny thing is I got a 10x battle right after the first 100x battle but lost to sweet :( I also lost a 100x to sweet.

I wore the Takoroka Visor and the Red and Black Squidkid IV and used the luna blaster neo. Dark Chocolate vs Milk Chocolate vs White Chocolate LOSE: 2nd, tied with Dark Chocolate Ruler +1

First of all, I hate chocolate. It's the worst thing that ever came upon the face of the earth. When I was younger it literally made me throw up just because of the smell. I tried dark chocolate once and immediately spit it out bc it was so disgusting and bitter. From what I've heard white choco is too sweet and bad, so I'm going milk chocolate. Never tried it but it seems to be the most popular team and also I probably will try it soon. I think this splatfest is irrelevant towards many people since not everyone likes chocolate. First time choosing frye's team. I won two 10x battles. These results were disgusting. 57 to nothing to nothing. Pls nintendo, fix your splatfests. The game is looking bad in the splatfest side.

I wore the Squidvader Cap and Neon Sea Slugs and used both the Luna blaster neo and Hydra Splatling. Nessie vs Aliens vs Bigfoot LOSE: 2nd Ruler

I believe in aliens. I mean, somewhere out there there's gotta be something out in the big (ink) vac of space. Nessie's probably real too, but idk for sure. And about bigfoots..well, they're dead. The mammals got wiped out so they're dead too. The tricolor on this is so trash. I kept getting mirror matches and the stage isn't all too great either. I currently lost two 10x and won a 10x battle. I was fine with these results. It's so funny how bigfoot got 8% votes. Nessie getting most of the battle points makes sense, due to the sheer amount of aliens in tricolors. I wore the Squidvader Cap and Neon Sea Slugs. I used the Luna Neo and Krak on Splat Roller. Power vs Wisdom vs Courage WIN Ruler

I don't play Legend of Zelda, but I would definitely pick power. I don't know why, but it's my favorite choice. Wisdom's nice, but power can easily beat it in a fight. Sure, you need courage for both wisdom and power, but power would probably just crush it before they do anything. I actually really liked this splatfest. The teams were fairly even, and the tricolor stage was be try balanced and fun to play on. I only won a single 10x battle. I wore the Squidvader Cap and Neon Sea Slugs. I used the Luna Neo and Krak on but also used the trislosher nouveau a bit for tricolor. Vanilla vs Strawberry vs Mint Chip LOSE Ruler +2

Vanilla is decent, but strawberry all the way. I've won two 10x battles but lost one. The tricolor for this splatfest was terrible but the results were predictable. Even the game is self-aware of the win streak lol

I wore the Squidvader Cap and Neon Sea Slugs. I used the Big Swig Roller, Dynamo Roller, Painbrush, Range Blaster, and Tri-Slosher Nouveau.

Money vs Fame vs Love LOSE Ruler

I like money, and even though love is very important, money can help out in literally every situation. Fame is overrated and superficial. I had a hard time deciding between money and love, but eventually settled on love because it will most likely win. I loved this tricolor because it was favored to the attacking team. I was quite surprised by the results but nevertheless I had fun. I lost one 10x battle.

I wore the Squidvader Cap and Neon Sea Slugs. I used a variety of weapons, but I mainly used the 52 gal in tricolor.

Shiver vs Frye vs Big Man WIN Ruler

I am no shiver simp, but I just think she can be a good leader if Marie wasn't deep cut's boss. Big man would also be ok but I prefer shiver more. Results were predictable as usual. Had fun though. I won two 10x battles and a 100x battle.

I wore the Squidvader Cap and Neon Sea Slugs.

Zombie vs Skeleton vs Ghost LOSE Champion

Barely played this splatfest, but I like skeletons and they would be a good friend

I wore the Squidvader Cap and Neon Sea Slugs.

Handshake vs Fistbump vs Hug LOSE Champion

I always fistbump when I greet my friends but I handshake for more formal matters. I only hug my closer friends and family. I won two 10x battles.

I wore the Squidvader Cap and Neon Sea Slugs.

Friends vs Family vs Solo LOSE Champion

I always spend the holidays with my family. Friends are nice too, but I'm usually not with them during holidays. People on solo were absolute tryhards probably because they only play this game. I lost so many matches this time and lost two 10x battles. Worst splatfest so far in Splatoon 3.

Friday vs Saturday vs Sunday LOSE Ruler +1

On Fridays, you still have work or school in the day. On sundays, you wait for the impending doom of mondays. But on saturdays, you have freedom for the entire day! The tricolor map for the fest was awful, but the results weren't surprising. I won and lost one 10x battle and got a 100x but got dced.

Drums vs Guitar vs Keyboard WIN Champion

I do not like rock music but the keyboard is the closest thing to a piano. I won one 10x battle.

Baby Chicks vs. Li'l Bunnies vs. Bear Cubs LOSE: 2nd Ruler

I won two 10x battles.



Some facts about me

  • I have met ProChara and some other competitive teams IRL at LTC 2023.
  • I've been to over 40 countries (Yes I travel too much lol)
  • I suck at remembering things
  • I've performed at Carnegie Hall (I'm an avid cellist and pianist)
  • I'm currently learning Japanese on Duolingo (I don't want broken knees)


  • Inkling Girl (Orange)
  • Inkling Boy (Blue)
  • Inkling Squid (Green)
  • Octoling Boy (Blue)
  • Inkling Girl (Yellow)
  • Smallfry

(I have a lot more other amiibo other than Splatoon but listing them all would take too long)

Other games I play (or used to play)

  • Mario games
  • ACNH
  • Pokemon Violet
  • Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope
  • Clash Royale
  • Brawl Stars
  • Squad Busters
  • Nintendo games as a whole


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