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Me in Splatoon 3 and my Little Buddy


Some updates on my activity on the wiki: I will be offline a lot bc of school so can't edit during the school day. I'll be editing when I am home after school so if you need to tell me something please leave it on my talk page and not discord.

Sup YourUsername! I’m OrderSquid and I'm Korean and I like Splatoon! I’ve never played Splatoon 1 but I've played Splatoon 2 since Aug. 29, 2020 and I play Splatoon 3 now. I was introduced to Splatoon by my friend in 2020. I’m really good at S2 and S3. I will accept most friend requests, just tell me who you are on my talk page! Please do not edit this userpage. Ayo! Looks like you've made YourEditCount edits so far!

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My sandbox! Check it out sometime.

Pages I created

Here are some of my stats.

Basic Info

Splatoon 2

  • Username: OrderSquid
  • Species: Inkling
  • Level: 56
  • Cash:Idk but pretty rich
  • Super Sea Snails: 33
  • Friend Code: SW-1920-5311-4921

Splatoon 3

  • Species: Inkling
  • Splashtag: Unrivaled King
  • Level: 16
  • Catalog Level: 23
  • Tabletuf Battle lv: 8
  • Cash: Idk
  • Sheldon Licenses: 3
  • Super Sea Snails: 22


Splatoon 2

  • Splat Zones: B
  • Tower Control: A-
  • Clam Blitz: B-
  • Rainmaker: A-
  • Salmon Run: Profreshional

Splatoon 3

  • Splat Zones: B-
  • Tower Control: B-
  • Clam Blitz: B-
  • Rainmaker: B-
  • Salmon Run: Profreshional Part-Timer

Octo Canyon 1000%

Weapons: All unlocked and upgraded

Sunken Scroll: Collected all.

Sardinium: Collected and used all.

Octo Expansion

Completed every level without help (but not with every weapon)

Got every Octo Expansion gear except the Golden Toothpick

Beat the some escape phases with skips (cuz I'm bad)

Still need to beat IA3. Plz help!

Return of the Mammalians

Future Utopia Island

Cozy & Safe Factory

Cryogenic Hopetown

Landfill Dreamland

Eco-Forest Treehills

Happiness Research Lab

Alterna Space Center

Favorite Weapons

Splatoon 2

Aerospray PG and MG: Bad damage yeah, but great turf coverage and amazing specials.

Kensa Splattershot Pro: High damage, high accuracy, booyah bomb. Noice. Just very ink hungry.

N-Zap ‘89: Spam tenta missiles and it’s pretty good compared to 85.

Kensa .52 Gal: My son, my love, my life. Fav weapon. Sad that it's gone now. Glooga Dualies took it :(

Nautilus 47 (Turf War): Best Splatling. Recharge, hold charge, and acc doesn’t change when jumping. Range is meh, but it’s still good.

Kensa Octobrush (Clam Blitz): Going FAST for those clams and ban hammer (ultra stamp)

Hydra Splatling (Turf War): I main this Splatling because of its range and damage. It may charge slow, I can’t move fast, but this main’s one HECK of a guy. (Dk rap reference haha kill me pls)

Slosher Deco: This weapon is op in 1v1 and I got tons of kills with it.

Kensa Splatterscope: Ok look, I suck at aiming so I HATE chargers, but this one is a special boi. Also good special.

Splattershot Jr.: So, as you will probably know (or already knew) that I hate ink armor, but this starting weapon is godly. Whenever I activate the special, I charge in and get a splat or two. Great in Turf war and Splat Zones.

Tri-Slosher (Turf War, Splat Zones): Before, I hated this weapon because of slosher spammers, but HOLY CARP this thing is a god weapon. I used it for one day and got to superfresh! With my ink armor and rapid sloshing, NO ONE can stop me. Ok maybe chargers but now I understand why so many people like this weapon. I main this now.

Clash Blaster Neo (Any Ranked except Zones): This weapon was not what I was expecting. I get tons of kills because of it’s blast, and it overall just carries the team in a ranked match. I was in a PB match with aSquidmin once and I annoyed him with it. This weapon is the reason I’m doing ranked again.

Splatoon 3

Hydra Splatling: This thing got BUFFED. I used Booyah bomb so many times and got so many kills with this in the Splatfest World Premiere.

Splat Dualies: I love crab tank, and dualies. This weapon is really good.

Aerospray MG: It's good, it's just that you're bad at it. Great turfing weapon and good special to boot

N-ZAP '85: Tacticooler is very useful, and I like N-ZAP before anyway.

Splattershot: I'm just good at this for some reason. Enough said.

Chargers: These things got pretty buffed. I remember one time in the splatfest world premiere I got SEVEN SNIPES OFF OF A FREAKING SPLAT CHARGER. Like, holy crap man! Sure, sniper pros still exist, but so far I haven't dealt with any really good sniper pros (thank nintendo for adding regions to this game so I don't find japanese sniper pros).

.52 Gal: Just like the Kensa gal, this thing is insane.

Sloshing Machine: Amazing kit, great mobility, just need to aim better.

Sploosh-o-matic: Even if it's close range it is still good. Its kit is amazing too.

Clash Blaster: Like in S2, this weapon is still great in ranked.

Least Favorite Weapons

Splatoon 2

Chargers: Look, I’m not a sniper pro or anything. I am terrible at aiming and scopes only help me a little. My favorite Chargers are the Kensa Splatterscope and the Bamboostick but other than that yeah no.

.96 Gal: So look, the 96 gal deco is a bit better, and I like the damage, but it’s firing rate is just too slow. Doesn’t fit my battle style.

Permanent Inkbrush: Ink armor is ok but why SPRINKLER with ink armor bruh.

Luna Blaster: It’s high damage, but trash range. I recommend Kensa Luna Blaster for better mobility.

Custom Hydra Splatling: The problem with this is that ink armor would be TOTALLY useless. First of all, you move slow, and your ink armor breaks in one hit. Also, why would you need it? You’re already far out because of the range. I mean sure support is nice but there’s always another alternative.

Glooga Dualies: Slow fire rate, high damage. Honestly, slow fire rate isn’t really my thing.

Tetra Dualies: Read Glooga Dualies.

Splatoon 3

REEF-LUX 450: To be honest, I had high hopes for this weapon. Turns out to be TERRIBLE at killing and it's just bad. Tri-Stringer is better.


The team I chose is in bold.

Splatoon 2

Trick vs Treat (2020) Win King

My first splatfest. First of all, I absolutely hate Halloween and I’m not a person who likes candy that much. But still, I’d rather get some candy instead of scaring the heck outta people. I won one 10x battle.

I was wearing Hero Headphones Replica and Gray Sea-Slug Hi-Tops. My weapon was Sploosh-O-Matic 7.

Super Mushroom vs Super Star Lose King

Super Star is invincible. Super shroom just makes you bigger. Super star should’ve won. I think I had a 10x battle but I lost.

I was wearing Hero Headphones Replica and Null Boots Replica. I forgot my weapon though.

Splatoon 3

Rock vs Paper vs Scissors WIN Ruler +3

Rock is hard and powerful, also Shiver. I’m really happy I won the first splatfest. This was also the first time I got in a 100x battle and won. I actually won three 100x battles and one 10x battle. No 333x battles though.

I wore the FishFry Visor and Blue & Black Squidkid IV. I mostly used the Hydra Splatling but I also used many other weapons as well.

Gear vs Grub vs Fun WIN Ruler +2

Fun won't help you survive a deserted island. Gear and food are the most important for survival, but if the deserted island has some food sources (which most islands have), gear would be a better choice. Plus, with gear you have some good shelter and you can farm food if there isn't any meat. I lost one 10x battle and won 10x battle. I didn't get a 100x or 333x.

I wore the Samurai Helmet and U Jellys. I mostly used the .52 Gal but used many other weapons as well.


The team I chose is in bold.

Losses: 4

Wins: 3

Beach vs. Amusement Park Win King

If you’re at the beach you can stay there all day but at an amusement park you just get bored eventually. Also I hate roller coasters. I fear them.

Sunken Scroll vs Mem Cake Win Fiend

I couldn’t participate but even though mem cakes look like kamaboko, Sunken scrolls actually tell us the lore which we need to explain literally EVERYTHING in Splatoon.

Costume vs Candy Lost Defender

I hate Halloween and I do not like wearing costumes. Similar to Trick vs Treat, I'd rather get candy than wear a costume. To me, trick or treating and dressing up in a costume is kind of immature.

Turkey vs Ham Lost Champion

I never liked ham and I always liked turkey better.

Carols vs Decorations Win Fiend

I love Christmas carols, I’ll tell you that, but decorations are better, especially the ornaments on a Christmas tree.

Slayer vs Support Lost Fiend

Honestly this depends. In Turf War I aim on turfing, while in ranked, I either go for the objective or kill people. I also drew art for this minifest!

Afterword: I’m the turfer AND the killer boi!

Milk vs Cereal Lost Fanboy

The worst thing about cereal is when it gets SOGGY. That's why I pour milk first and then eat the cereal quickly.

Afterword: What the heck was I thinking? Obviously put cereal first!


Beach winner Barnsquid.png Beach Winner Barnsquid
This Barnsquid is awarded to BadTimeGamer123 for winning

in ChessMaster's seventh Minifest!

Sunken Scroll winner Barnsquid.png Sunken Scroll Winner Barnsquid
This Barnsquid is awarded to BadTimeGamer123 for winning

in ChessMaster's eight Minifest!

Carols vs Decorations winner Barnsquid.png Decorations Winner Barnsquid
This Barnsquid is awarded to BadTimeGamer123 for winning

in ChessMaster's eleventh Minifest!

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  • Inkling Girl (Orange)
  • Inkling Boy (Blue)
  • Inkling Squid (Green)
  • *Soon* Octoling Boy (Purple)
  • *Soon* Inkling Girl (Yellow)
  • *Soon* Smallfry

(I have a lot more but listing them all would take too long)

Other games I play

  • Mario games
  • ACNH
  • SSBU
  • Minecraft
  • Pokemon SwSh
  • Kirby and the Forgotten Land
  • *Soon* Pokemon Violet
  • *Soon* Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope


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