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Hi there! I am Alphamale300 but my username in Splatoon 2 is OctoLegend.

My stats:

Splat Zones A- Clam Blitz A- Rainmaker A- Tower Control A-

I am currently level 44 and my favorite weapon is the N-Zap '79 but I might also use the Heavy Splatling Remix for Splat Zones, Kensa Splattershot pro for tower control, or jet squelcher for Rainmaker. I enjoy squid (and Octo) parties and I HATE chargers and charger pros cuz they always kill me. I like hero mode and have beaten it with (all of these are fully upgraded) The Hero Dualies, Hero Shot, Roller, full Ink Tank upgrade, Splatling, Blaster, Charger, and I have all bombs unlocked. My favorite abilities are 1) Quick Super Jump so if I am in a pinch, I an get away quickly 2) Drop Roller so bye-bye jump campers! 3) Ninja Squid and 4) Stealth Jump

I have beaten the Octo Expansion so I am good at the game. (Halfway. Thank you Marina for your hacking skills and letting me skip Girl Power Station.)

If you see me in battle, be sure to comment your friend code to me.