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Heyo, Adam here! On Splatoon 2 and other games, you may find me as ★Adam★ (except for the odd occasions where I have to use ☆Adam☆ or *Adam*). Around here I mostly keep the Live performances section up-to-date and do things involving localizations (especially Spanish) as well.

My Inkling as of July 1, 2018

Splatoon 2 stats


  • Level: 40⋆
  • Region: Americas
  • Friend Code: SW-7606-6044-2712
  • More detailed information on how (not) well I've done in the game can be found on I currently have no plans in recording and updating Splatoon 3-related data.

Ranked Battles

Splat Zones: X

Tower Control: X

Rainmaker: X

Clam Blitz: S+6

Salmon Run: Profreshional 400 (MAX: 650)

Rank X History

July 2018

  • Made it to Rainmaker X for the first time in the early hours of July 1st. I did not play after finishing placements. Score throughout the month was: 2034.1. | Most Used Weapon: N-ZAP '85 (~24,302th place)

August 2018

  • After a rather sub-par performance in placements, I entered at 1943 in Rainmaker X. I deranked, then got back in a couple of days later. On the last day of the season, I made it to 2001.6, crossing the threshold for not getting demoted. | Most Used Weapon: N-ZAP '85 (Estimated place not recorded)

September 2018

  • Made it to Splat Zones X for the first time in the early hours of September 16th. A relatively good performance in placements landed me at 2185.5 for the month. | Most Used Weapon: Dualie Squelchers (~17,734th place)
  • Made it to Tower Control X for the first time on September 25th. A really good start that kinda turned messy by the end landed me at 2092.0 for the month. | Most Used Weapon: Dualie Squelchers (~23,528th place)
  • Another rough placement period landed me at 1918.1 at the start of the month. Again, I deranked and returned a few days later with my best performance in placements, landing me at 2040.4 for the month. | Most Used Weapon: Dualie Squelchers (~29,828th place)
  • Made it to Clam Blitz X for the first time on September 29th. I only managed to do 6 out of my 10 placements.

October 2018

  • A 0% win rate on the new stage during placements landed me with the initial score of 1963.9. Shortly afterward, I was on a winning streak and climbed to 2062.1 for the month. | Most Used Weapon: Kensa Splat Dualies (~33,200th place)
  • A decent round of placements landed me at the initial score of 2044.7. Another session with a stage I was playing on for the first time lowered my score below the seasonal demolition threshold. My last session for the season brought up my score to 2021.3 for the season. | Most Used Weapon: N-ZAP '85 (~30,459th place)
  • Despite winning half of my placement matches, I started at 1935.6. Aligning with previous months, I deranked shortly afterward. I eventually ranked back up and a good performance in my second set of placements put me at 2182.1 for the month. | Most Used Weapon: N-ZAP '85 (~16,888th place)
  • First time completing placements for Clam Blitz. A combination of a good win rate on the new stage and my worst win rate on an old stage landed me at the initial score of 2034.3. Another session with one of the lowest win rates for a stage that I was playing on for the first time ended up lowering my score to 1937.9. My final session ended when I had just barely got above the seasonal demotion threshold at 2002.3. | Most Used Weapon: N-ZAP '85 (~22,963th place)

November 2018

  • I started with 2094.4 this season. Following with previous months, all of my first placement matches took place during rotations with the newly remodeled Reef. After another session, my score was at 2065.1 at the end of the season. | Most Used Weapon: Dapple Dualies (~34,676th place)
  • A session with my stage with the worst win rate caused me to place below the demotion threshold at 1893.0. I fought to stay in Rank X, but ultimately deranked back to S+9 at the end of the rotation. The following Tower Control rotation saw me get back into Rank X and getting me a score of 2064.8 for the month. | Most Used Weapon: Enperry Splat Dualies (~27,465th place)
  • I started the season with a score of 2057.2 and went on to climb to 2106.9 for the month. | Most Used Weapon: N-ZAP '85 (~25,326th place)
  • Despite the session feeling average, I finished placements with a score of 2138.0 for the month, my highest power in Clam Blitz so far. | Most Used Weapon: N-ZAP '85 (~14,387th place)

December 2018

  • All of my Rank X placements for all modes were... not too great. My Splat Zones placements were the second highest scoring with 1996.5. I eventually climbed as high as 2128.8, ending the month at 2125.2. | Most Used Weapon: Kensa Splattershot (~26,734th place)
  • My Tower Control placements were my highest scoring, with 2025.6. I then proceeded to have more losses than wins afterwards. I ended the month at 1925.6, downgrading back to S+9. | Most Used Weapon: Enperry Splat Dualies (~36,618th place)
  • My initial score was 1937.8. A few matches later, I ranked down to S+9. This was my first time playing Rainmaker at Blackbelly Skatepark in general, and it ended up not exactly being my best stage. I was able to return later that month, but without completing placements. | Most Used Weapon: Kensa Splattershot
  • Horrible placement matches started me at 1900.8. This session did have my worst stage in rotation. I cannot recall if I lost one match before stopping, or if I de-ranked this season (my last score was 1895.6), but at the end, I ranked down to S+9 here too. | Most Used Weapon: Inkbrush (~25,958th place)

January 2019

  • I finally got to playing the mode for Camp Triggerfish during placements. I finished at 2067.4 and stayed there for the remainder of the month. | Most Used Weapon: N-ZAP '85 (~32,728th place)
  • I did not complete placements for this month.
  • After trying out my last remaining stage I had yet to play on for this mode, I ranked back up. However, I did not complete placements for this month.

February 2019

  • I did not complete any placements for this month.

March 2019

  • I made it back to Rank X in Tower Control early in the month.
  • I did not complete any placements for this month.

April 2019

  • I did not complete any placements for this month.

May 2019

  • A good calculation period put me at 2154.2. I peaked at 2162.5 before finishing at 2144.7 in the rotation (and the month in general). | Most Used Weapon: Kensa Splat Dualies (~27,502th place)
  • A horrible calculation period put me at 1903.4. The following match put me below the threshold in maintaining X Rank for the month, but I managed to win the match after that. In the last Tower Control rotation, I made it to 2011.4, letting me stay in Rank X for the time being. | Most Used Weapon: Dapple Dualies (~34,357th place)
  • An iffy calculation period placed me at 1994.2. After going up in down during the month, I made it to 2021.7, where I remained for the rest of the period. | Most Used Weapon: N-ZAP '89 (~36,091th place)
  • I did not complete any placements for this month.

June 2019-December 2020

  • I stopped participating in Ranked battles to focus on other things.

January 2021

  • I was still too wrapped up in other things to really take note of how well I did.
  • I did not complete any placements for this month.

And... I after this point I got tired of documenting how well I do in Rank X. :P Maybe I'll continue for Splatoon 3...

League Battles


  • 1630.9 on August 1st, 2017 (9:00am - 11:00am PDT)


  • 1872.4 on July 12th, 2018 (9:00pm - 11:00pm PDT)
  • 1734.3 on August 16th, 2018 (5:00pm - 7:00pm PDT)
  • 1890.2 on January 8th, 2019 (12:00am - 2:00am PST)

Special Events

All Splatfest titles are King/Queen/Ruler ⭐ESTRELLA⭐. (I'm 90% sure.)

Splatoon 1

Splatfest Stats
Team Result Reason
  Cats Defeat I love cats.
  Roller Coasters Victory I had started going on roller coasters that year. Never been on a water slide before.
  Marshmallows Victory I mean... it was kind of the obvious choice.
  Decepticons Victory I didn't wanna choose the good guys, it felt cliché.
  Art Victory I've always been the more creative type.
  Planes Defeat I had gotten over my fear of planes that year. Well, mostly.
  Pirates Victory People were making a bunch of jokes of the otaku/weeaboo kind, so I wanted to distance myself from that.
  Pizza Defeat When aren't I eating pizza?
  Naughty Victory Callie deserved to win.
  Future Defeat The only reason why I'd go back to the past is to cheat in the lottery. 😤
  Pokémon Blue Victory I originally played my sister's copy of Red, but Blue has Meowth, so...
  Sandcastle Victory Snowbae. That is all.
  Patrick Victory See Team Decepticons.
  Costume Party Defeat I mean, if I'm gonna go to a party, it may as well be a fun one.
  Night Owl Victory It is my nature.
  Marie Victory I wanted Callie and Marie to tie in Splatfest wins in Japan.

Splatoon 2

Splatfest Stats
Team Result Highest Splatfest Power Clout (Normal) Clout (Pro) Reason
Pop Defeat 1729.1 - - Eh, most of the music in my phone is Pop, I guess. (Also, hey - my one and only Japanese Splatfest!)
Cake Defeat ? - - I rarely have cake, so I guess I just desire it more. (I only participated in the American timeslot.)
Ketchup Defeat ? - - Honestly, I hate condiments, I just wanted to have red ink.
Flight Victory ? - - I fantasize about flying often.
Werewolf Defeat ? - - I wanted to defend a certain community that was getting hate in the Square at the time. :( But Pearl had convincing points in the announcement.
Fantasy Victory 2131.9 - - Not a huge fan of either choice but the fantasy genre doesn't feel as nerdy.
Sweater Victory ? - - Socks are gross.
Comedy Victory 2044.4 - - Laughs are good! I could always use a good laugh.
Love Victory 2012.7 - - All you need is love...
Chicken Victory 2223.9 - - ... no comment.
Soccer Defeat 2074.0 - - I hate sports but I wanted the Americans (baseball) to lose.
Mikey Victory 2022.0 - - Red is my favorite color.
Donnie Victory 2036.2 - - Purple is my second favorite color.
Donnie Victory 2226.0 - - I wanted Marina to win.
No Pulp Defeat 2313.1 - - I would have chosen Team Pulp as this was a subject I didn't care too much about, but my stepsister wasn't able to play, so I played in her honor.
Squid Victory 2276.6 - - I knew Octopus would be more popular, and I didn't care too much about the subject either way.
Fork Victory 2193.7 - - Bleh.
Modern Victory 2056.3 4917 56990 I really would prefer to be up-to-date. (But not too ahead of the curve, I still need my headphone jack!)
Trick Defeat 2209.1 153413 118260 My stepsisters chose it and I wanted to try and play with them at some point during Splatfest.
Salsa Victory 2222.3 34433 9970 See Ketchup. (My choice was finalized when I heard that Guac was having a bad time.)
Villain Victory 2038.6 52399 15710 See Team Decepticons. >:) A bit sad I had have to abandon Team Red Ink, though.
Friends Victory 2181.9 170714 127150 I can't be gay around my family yet.
Pancakes Defeat 2115.7 46199 14380 I just simply eat pancakes more than waffles.
Wizard Victory 1997.3 41357 3760 See Salsa.
Hare Victory 2181.5 205217 130290 I love rabbits! I fought in honor of a friend's bunny.
Teleportation Victory 2137.0 38006 34900 Time travel can really screw up things. Now, as for shortening my hours-long commutes...
Narwhal Victory 2241.6 311105 22020 I read the datamined dialogue and I really wanted what they say for a Narwhal victory to be canon.
Chaos Victory 2179.7 778658 133250 My first instinct was to choose Chaos because I was *not* in a good mood when the Splatfest was revealed. 🔥🔥🔥 Then my choice was reaffirmed when Pearl talked about how she really wanted changes in life.
Ketchup Victory 2369.1 139767 17030 Lots of good memories tied to this Splatfest. I wanted to fight for Team Red Ink's honor!
Chicken Victory 2203.2 67041 39850 still no comment.
Trick Defeat 2223.4 51167 41540 Even without the circumstances that had me pick Team Trick in the original iteration of this 'fest, I still wanted to stick by my choice.
Super Star Defeat 2038.0 35261 38240 It is literally in my name. Two of them, in fact.

Splatoon 3

I'm currently planning on participating in all international Splatfest themes.

Splatfest Stats
Team Result Rank Conch Shells Highest Splatfest Power Clout (Normal) Clout (Pro) Clout (Tricolor) Reason
Paper 2nd Place (Americas/Europe)
3rd Place (Asia-Pacific)
Champion (Europe)
Ruler (Americas)
N/A ? 71744 (Europe)
115178 (Americas)
6222 (Europe) N/A First, I thought I'd go with Scissors, but then the more I thought about it, I liked the idea of having the power of the pen (and wanted to support Frye), so I switched to Paper. (I participated in all regional versions of this Splatfest, but I fell asleep before being able to record what I did during the APAC Splatfest.)
Fun 2nd Place Ruler +5 42 1977.8 128822 106401 N/A On first instinct, I went with Fun. I wanna be here for a good time, not a long time!
Grass 2nd Place (tie) Ruler +6 34 1851.0 1064813 145629 N/A I've mostly picked Fire starters, but I have a stronger attachment to Bulbasaur and plan on choosing Sprigatito if I ever get Violet.
Sweet 1st Place Ruler +3 23 1973.2 26360 256617 36792 I really like salty snacks, (limón chips notwithstanding), but my sweet tooth acts up at times... (Fun fact: I learned the week this Splatfest was announced on social media that it's mostly Mexicans that like spicy food and not all Latinos.)
Milk Chocolate 2nd Place (tie) Ruler +4 27 2090.3 5753 164646 65681 I didn't feel like lying and decided to embrace the basic... squid I am!
Aliens 2nd Place Ruler +8 (Americas)
Ruler (AxJ)
44 (Americas)
5 (AxJ)
1821.5 (Americas)
1874.4 (AxJ)
56427 (Americas) 517289 (Americas)
48229 (AxJ)
17377 (Americas)
8850 (AxJ)
I mean, isn't Aliens the most plausible answer out of all these?
Power 1st Place Ruler +6 (Americas)
Ruler (AxJ)
23 (Americas)
7 (AxJ)
1890.4 (Americas)
1904.2 (AxJ)
335584 (Americas) 170701 (Americas)
55931 (AxJ)
30717 (Americas) I wanted to try and pick the least popular team. I saw Wisdom and Courage winning various polls, but not Power.
Strawberry 3rd Place Ruler 13 1778.2 21516 46877 10104 (From this Splatfest onwards, my primary account has switched to the Hong Kong/South Korea region.) I don't feel too strongly about this one, so I went with my heart. Also, one of my favorite songs has to do with strawberries... Unfortunately, I was on a trip during that weekend, so I was unable to play a whole lot and barely made it to Ruler while I had internet access.
Fame 2nd Place (tie) Ruler +10 47 1904.5 40186 813292 62365 58th Place on Hong Kong/South Korea Fame Top 100 I was considering returning to Team Love, but I saw way too many people joining it on social media. So, I decided to join Team Fame, to pursue my real passion of landing on a Top 100 scoreboard, and then...
Frye 3rd Place Ruler +18 76 1981.9 32170 686730 617977 94th Place on Hong Kong/South Korea Frye Top 100 Ever since Deep Cut's debut, I've been a hardcore Frye defender. I love a good underdog, such a shame she couldn't overcome her obstacles this fest. Following in tradition of previous special Splatfests, I went out of my way to record as many of the special stage intros as I could, hence my high Splatfest Rank.
Skeleton 2nd Place Ruler +1 20 1644.5 258447 38880 7149 I chose skeletons over ghosts because I decided I didn't want the game to ghost me. (Unfortunately, I was on vacation with friends during the weekend, so I couldn't dedicate much time to actually playing the game.)
Hug 3rd Place Ruler +3 - - - - - As you can see, I usually go with Frye, but out of all those options, I'm more of a hugger.
Ōban-yaki 1st Place Ruler - - - - - NGL, I only voted for Obanyaki because it was Frye's team. Finally, my devotion paid off!

Salmon Run

Big Run Stats
Date Stage High Score Highest Pay Grade Result
12/9 to 12/11/2022 Wahoo World 119 Eggsecutive VP 110 Top 20%
3/3 to 3/5/2023 Inkblot Art Academy 141 Eggsecutive VP 230 Top 5%
6/9 to 6/11/2023 Wahoo World 140 Eggsecutive VP 250 Top 20%
9/1 to 9/3/2023 Um'ami Ruins 149 Eggsecutive VP TBA Top 20%
Eggstra Work Stats
Date Stage High Score
(Golden Eggs)
High Score
(Power Eggs)
Result Notes
4/14 to 4/16/2023 Sockeye Station 176 4827 Top 20% Played using the "EggstraWork" and "バイトチームコンテスト" pools. High score achieved while playing on the latter.
6/30 to 7/2/2023 Gone Fission Hydroplant  ?  ? Top 20% Played exclusively on Freelance.
11/3 to 11/5/2023 Gone Fission Hydroplant 140 5184 Top 50% Played exclusively on Freelance.


Resources 'n' stuff

Cefalobration + Tentalive Recreation

Originally starting out as a recreation of the first Tentalive concert that can be projected onto a display of some sort - apparently, this is what would be called in some circles as "hologram ready," this turned into a passion project to hold my own Splatoon concert in the States. A playlist of the progress towards TENTALIVE @ HOME can be seen YouTube here. The Cefalobration playlist can be seen YouTube here!

NOA French/Spanish Quotes progress

Inkopolis News

I'll be adding the American French and Spanish quotes onto the wiki in my spare time. I have completed the Spanish quotes for Splatoon 1 and most of them for Splatoon 2. (It's been a while but I'll get there if no one else does lol)


Prior to dataminers consistently extracting dialogue for all languages, I used to document the NOA Spanish localization's dialogue. All Splatoon 2 dialogues, most Splatoon 3 dialogues, and some Splatoon 1 dialogues can be seen in this YouTube playlist.

Additionally, I have a list for NOA French dialogue for Splatoon 3 YouTube here.

Special Splatfest Events

I went through as many nooks and crannies of every decorated Splatfest stage during special events (except for Shifty Station, as I lost the recons I did for them at some point and figured that the decorations would be retained for these stages if they were to come back). Here's a list of playlists... list-ception?

In addition, I recorded YouTube special stage intros for every stage. Unfortunately, the recon function has been nerfed in Splatoon 3, so I will not be able to do similar Splatfest recons unless I mod my Switch console.