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Splatoon 2 Preparations

This is a site-wide project to prepare Inkipedia for the release of Splatoon 2. The wiki in its current state only reflect content from Splatoon as a single installment. With the release of Splatoon 2, a huge part of Inkipedia's articles are going to require renaming, restructures or reorganizing.

List of required changes

  • Updating CSS. Many templates on the wiki will require updating to allow new content from Splatoon 2.
  • Renaming articles and files specific to Splatoon (the first game). Several articles feature content that are going to need to be renamed to not overlap with content from Splatoon 2.
  • Restructure articles that will include content from both Splatoon and Splatoon 2. Articles that touch upon a general subject that is featured in both games (such as Music, Weapons) should be restructured to be two sections for each game. Articles about a specific subject featured in both (such as a Gear iteam or a Weapon) should be updated to reflect relevant information from Splatoon 2, with specific information from Splatoon clumped together in its own section/subpage/tab.
  • Add categories to articles and files from either Splatoon and/or Splatoon 2.
  • Template:Stage needs to allow the seamless addition of stages from Splatoon 2 and any future games.
  • Template:Ability needs to allow more flexibility with what icons are shown (see Ink Resistance Up as an example of the icon problem).