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{{flag|<2 letter abbreviation>|<size>}}

Size is 20x20 by default. px is not necessary.

Current regions supported

Type the ISO 3166-1 code in lower-case for use in template.

Region name ISO 3166-1 code Output
Argentina AR Argentina
Australia AU Australia
Austria AT Austria
Belgium BE Belgium
Brazil BR Brazil
Canada CA Canada
Canada and France CAFR[a] CanadaFrance
China CN China
Cuba CU Cuba
Czech Republic CZ CzechRepublic
Denmark DA Denmark
Europe EU Europe
Finland FI Finland
France FR France
Germany DE Germany
Greece GR Greece
Hong Kong HK Hong Kong
Hungary HU Hungary
India IN India
Indonesia ID Indonesia
Ireland IE Ireland
Israel IL Israel
Italy IT Italy
Japan JP Japan
Malaysia MY Malaysia
Mexico MX Mexico
Netherlands NL Netherlands
North Korea KP North Korea
Norway NO Norway
Philippines PH Philippines
Poland PL Poland
Portugal PT Portugal
Quebec QC[b] Quebec
Romania RO Romania
Russia RU Russia
South Korea KR South Korea
Spain ES Spain
Spain and Mexico ESMX SpainMexico
Sweden SE Sweden
Singapore SG Singapore
Taiwan TW Taiwan
Thailand TH Thailand
Ukraine UA Ukraine
United Arab Emirates AE UAE
United Kingdom UK United Kingdom
United States US USA

Uploading .svg files of country flags and adding them here is allowed. Optionally, you can ask a staff member or user to upload and add a flag.


  1. Since "CF" already corresponds to the Central African Republic, both countries' ISO 3166-1 codes have been used instead.
  2. Quebec does not have an ISO 3166-1 code; its Canadian postal abbreviation has been used instead.

local p = {}

local flag_map = {
    ["ae"] = "UAE",
    ["ar"] = "Argentina",
    ["au"] = "Australia",
    ["at"] = "Austria",
    ["be"] = "Belgium",
    ["br"] = "Brazil",
    ["ca"] = "Canada",
    ["cafr"] = "CanadaFrance",
    ["ch"] = "Switzerland",
    ["cn"] = "China",
    ["cu"] = "Cuba",
    ["cz"] = "CzechRepublic",
    ["da"] = "Denmark",
    ["de"] = "Germany",
    ["gr"] = "Greece",
    ["es"] = "Spain",
    ["eu"] = "Europe",
    ["esmx"] = "SpainMexico",
    ["fi"] = "Finland",
    ["fr"] = "France",
    ["hk"] = "Hong Kong",
    ["hu"] = "Hungary",
    ["id"] = "Indonesia",
    ["ie"] = "Ireland",
    ["il"] = "Israel",
    ["in"] = "India",
    ["it"] = "Italy",
    ["jp"] = "Japan",
    ["kp"] = "North Korea",
    ["mx"] = "Mexico",
    ["my"] = "Malaysia",
    ["nl"] = "Netherlands",
    ["no"] = "Norway",
    ["ph"] = "Philippines",
    ["pl"] = "Poland",
    ["pt"] = "Portugal",
    ["qc"] = "Quebec",
    ["ro"] = "Romania",
    ["ru"] = "Russia",
    ["se"] = "Sweden",
    ["sg"] = "Singapore",
    ["kr"] = "South Korea",
    ["tw"] = "Taiwan",
    ["th"] = "Thailand",
    ["ua"] = "Ukraine",
    ["uk"] = "United Kingdom",
    ["us"] = "USA"

function p.main(frame)
    local args = frame:getParent().args
    local countryCode = args[1] or ""
    local size = args["size"] or args[2] or "20x20"
    return p.getFlag(countryCode, size)

function p.getFlag(countryCode, size)
    local flagName = flag_map[countryCode] or ""
    return string.format('[[File:Flag%s.svg|border|%spx|link=|%s]]', 
      (flagName ~= "" and flagName or "Undisclosed"))

return p