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The SafeContent template wraps the unsafe/safe content after running a parser function, per the INK:SFW policy. This tells Inkipedia how to serve the page content, based on the user's preference, thus allowing readers to view the wiki without seeing content that is for mature audiences.

By default, visitors will not see content that is given by the unsafe parameter of this template. You may change this in your user preferences appearance tab. The editing tab also includes a feature for adding a button to the editor to change the preview between "safe" and "unsafe" mode.


You may use positional arguments (first parameter is unsafe, second is safe), or named arguments (unsafe=, safe=).

Code Result
Your preference is currently: {{SafeContent|unsafe=''unsafe''|safe=''safe''}} Your preference is currently: safe
{{SafeContent|Crap|A swear word}} A swear word
{{SafeContent|Unsafe only}}
{{SafeContent|safe=Safe only}} Safe only