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This is a place where I put random (kinda) things about me and Splatoon ! Female, male,non-binary,LGBTQ ,straight,anyone is welcome here <3. First off I'm relatively new to inkipedia but some people are helping me out (thx). I usually go by he/him pronouns and I play Splatoon 2 and 3 most regularly, my in game name is [ ] only because I was lazy and tired of trying to figure out what to put my username as. I'm not terrible at splat 3 but also not good, I main aerospray PG and hero shot (sometimes forgetting that I can't use them the same lol). Outside of playing splatoon and editing my inkipedia page I like to play minecraft and watch anime, my main hobby though includes sleeping. Have a nice day :)

Return of the mammalians

I still haven't finished return of the mammalians although, the only thing left is the hidden kettle, But I have some notes on what I enjoyed and what I thought could use changes. I very much enjoyed the Shiver, Big man, and Frye arc and the fact that Mr.Grizz was the main antagonist. Although many parts of return of the mammalians are good, there should have been more bosses or, they should have made it longer because if we didn't want to do all of the levels we can rush right through it as apposed to the Splatoon 2 hero mode where we have to do all of the levels and so it takes longer to finish it. There is so much lore in the hero mode that there should have been more cutscenes to accommodate it. One of the things that I wish that they could change is the variant of weapons that we can have because, when we are done with a stage instead of getting the weapon that we used for our inventory we keep the same weapon. I very much enjoyed the Splatoon 3 return of the mammalians.

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Level: 30
Catalog Level: 5
Rank B+
Main weapons: Aerospray PG and Aerospray MG
Splashtag: Fearful Shiver fan
RotM: Complete
SRNW Rank: Professional +2
Splatfest team: Nessie
Species: Octoling
Tableturf level: 8