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NOTE: I am currently on a sort of hiatus, due to a busy schedule. If you do contact me, remember that it might take a while for me to respond. Thanks! Sincerely, ArivakiVA S2 Gear Headgear Golden Toothpick.png JPTGoldDynamoRoller.png S3 Badge Classic Squiffer 5.png
Even back then...all this pain we've been feeling...the guilt in our hearts...that we have no choice, but to carry on. But that's up to you.
— Basil (OMORI)
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ArivakiVA, the Well-Dressed Rat
S2 OE concept art Iso Padre.png
Main Weapons Classic Squiffer, Splatana Wiper, Inkbrush, E-Liter 4K, Nautilus 47, and Splatana Stamper
Level 46? (normal level) 101 (catalog level)
Tableturf rank 48 or 49
Species Octoling in-game
Title This changes a lot lmao but currently it's "Gothic Photographer"
Hero Mode Beaten all levels+Secret Kettle and has surveyed all areas
SRNW rank Eggsecutive VP 100
RotM Complete
Rank B+
Splatfest team (Power vs. Wisdom vs. Courage) Power I guess
My signature Arivaki-Kun S2 Gear Headgear Golden Toothpick.png JPTGoldDynamoRoller.png S3 Badge Classic Squiffer 5.png (banter)
Title elements I want Jet-Black, Maniac, The, Ace, Ghost
Custom splashtags (go to StarDekuStar's page if you want the link to make one! ArivakiVA Custom splashtag.png


Introduction I guess

Konnichiwa, Guest-san, welcome to my user page, where anyone, guy, girl, enban (enby version of man or woman), or anything in-between is welcome. I'm ArivakiVA. I use Japanese honorifics for people, but if you don't want me to refer to you with one, just ask! Feel free to tell me if I might have misgendered you as well!

Random info (on wiki and in-game)

My friend code is SW-6014-8770-6718, and my username should currently be oto-kun if translated to English. I don't accept friend requests at random, I only accept if I recognize your name (and yes, recognizing your name from a game also counts). Please let me know if you're gonna send a friend request though. I have an alt account on this wiki by the name of Superlunary, if things on this account go wrong in some way. I have a few friends on this wiki, they are: @Hae's Home for Flowers, @Ratch, @Xan, @SP☆CEBOY, @Chrome Wolf, @Oddlilgoof and @Jacobearth! Go check them out, they're very friendly and cool! My current username (in-game, to clarify), is EY3FLVRD (a parody of one of my fav artists)


I have worked on a few weapon pages, special pages, and manga character pages, but I will probably try to help with the current projects, such as unfinished pages or stubs. I also do small Japanese translations (I know very small amounts of Japanese) and grammar and spelling edits. I'm a pretty new person here, so I'm just a normal user with pretty much no wiki experience. Basically that means don't ask me anything complicated. Here are my sandboxes if you wanna see them (although the second one is kinda boring). User:ArivakiVA/Sandbox, User:ArivakiVA/Sandbox2. If there was a job that involved greeting new wiki members and resolving discussions on talk pages, that's pretty much what I do around here. I also have a lot of interest in lore, and I'm currently digging through S2 and 3 lore. I also love puns. If you have a project or infobox, or something you need help with, I'm normally not busy, so feel free to ask if you need help!

My octo's appearance (bc image uploading sucks):

Masculine octoling, Palest skin color, white eyes + black pupils, usually the punk, octolocks, or surfcurl hairstyle, and the thick or slit eyebrows (Outfit varies, but you can usually see me wearing glasses of some kind)

Inkfests and Splatfests

These are Inkfests that I joined or created/hosted.

Name/Picture Teams

(Voted in bold, winner in italic)


(Done or not)



27 December 2022 20:00 UTC


"As much as Stingers are fun, I found myself being oddly drawn to the Splatana after the fest was over. Odd. In any case, congrats to both teams. Wish I could've been there!


(No image was found) Squid Squad vs. Chirpy Chips w/ Ink Me Up! Squid Squad/Chirpy Chips


Hot Coffee/Cold Coffee 1/21/23 (tentative to change)

Not done

(Filler image) Choco vs. Vanilla hosted by ArivakiVA
Chocolate/Vanilla A billion years ago I don't remember


Not much to say about this one, besides the idea being kinda bad.
(Filler image) Fruits vs. Veggies hosted by ArivakiVA
Fruits/Veggies 2/18/23 to 2/19/23 (might change)

Not done

(Filler image) Deciduous vs. Evergreen hosted by ArivakiVA
Deciduous/Evergreen 3/11/23 to 3/12/23 (might change)

Not done


Here are my Splatfest teams and the reasons why I chose them. (S3)

Rock (Win) Reason: It was the most popular.

Grub (Loss) Reason: I like food.

Fire (Loss) Reason: I like Fire-type starters.

Sweet (Win) Reason: I don't like spicy food, I like sour stuff (almost went team Sour lol), but sweet's the best.

Milk Chocolate (Loss) Reason: It's actually chocolate, though I almost went team Dark.

Aliens (Loss) Bigfoot has been pretty much proven false, as well as Nessie, and I love aliens.

Power (Win) Good ink color, Ganon's outfit slays, power is awesome. I almost went Wisdom though, because you need wisdom to control power properly, and wisdom to know when to use your bravery and when to stand down. Ganon is still superior though. I also won a 10x and got a mention in the news! :D My name was ヒロー (OMORI)!

For the geeks/nerds (yes I know that they're different)

For the other nerds out there: Ravenclaw house, Corrin, Cloud, Robin, Ness/Lucas, Inkling, and Roy main, Winter sympathizer, Team Monarch fan, and Team Chaos!

Trivia about me

  • Someone has said I sound like Alpharad
    • I slightly agree
  • I hate spiders
  • I want to be ambidextrous
  • My current favorite Youtubers are Alpharad, JayMoji, Matt Rose, The Click, whoamiedits, jayck34, 404p, InstrumentManiac, ERB, ViddyWell, Lattice, sev does music (I'm too lazy to add the font for their username), and Hazmy - Splatoon 3 (god guys, please listen to hazmy)
  • I went through every story mode at least 10 times just to 1000% all of them
  • I have beaten Inner Agent 3 approximately 7 or 8 times
    • Once for the Golden Toothpick, twice for fun, once for an alt account, once for a friend, and at least three other times out of boredom
  • My nicknames are: Ollie, Hiro, Moth, and Vaki
  • My top bands/music artists as of right now: Pedro Silva, Clover and Sealife/Space Boyfriend, bo en, Bo Burnham, Wilbur Soot, and Jack Stauber
  • Vibes to random playlists on YT
  • Am currently accepting dumb Splatoon 3 challenges (feel free to suggest some on my talk page lmao)
  • Had a match yesterday where I joined my friend; our team won by %0.01, and their avatar and mine fist bumped :D

See ya!

In any case, I hope that you have fun around here, and if you're completely new here, just ask me stuff on my talk page (just click the thing that says discussion, it's underneath my name) and I'll try to help you as best I can, or go to the staff page (which is on the left side of the page, under community), and ask one of the staff. Forget about me, though. I'm such a rambler, I forgot about how cool YOU are!

You have ...err... edits! And you signed up on ... wait you haven't signed up yet?! You're amazing! Anyway, stay cool, stay fresh, and stay YOU! :)

My favorite quotes! (spoiler alert for some games)

"You ooze, you lose. Go back to Ursa WHINER!" -Frye, during the final battle of RotM

"Things are never quite as scary when you have a best friend." -Calvin, from Bill Watterson's Calvin and Hobbes

"Even back then...all the pain we've been feeling...the guilt in our hearts...that we have no choice, but to carry on. But that's up to you." -Basil (OMORI)

"An unallowed burden has been placed upon you. you have the power to change the future. what will you do, DREAMER? what will you do?" -NPC, Deeper Well (OMORI)


"Just because you did something bad, doesn't make you a bad person." -Kel (OMORI)

"Friends...friends are supposed to be there for each other." -Kel (OMORI)

"I hope you can find some peace...or you know...some happiness." -Aubrey (OMORI)

"Last time...we made the mistake of leaving each other when we needed each other the most. This time...we'll stay together." -Hero (OMORI)

"Maybe one day...things can go back to the way they were before." -Basil (OMORI)

(Ok spoilers are gone)

"If you think I'm good with this weapon, you are very much wrong." -Me using a Stringer

"Just because I'm Japanese and main a charger certainly means I'm not good with any other weapon, right?" "Wrong." -Me when someone seemed afraid of me and avoided me in Turf War

"You couldn't hit a cow's arse with a banjo!" -Zane Flynt

"Damn, I keep dyin' before I get tired! Honestly, I've forgotten what sleep even feels like." -Zane Flynt (relatable tbh)

"I played Poker with the Devil. Anyway, I'm back, and now I can play the saxophone." -Zane Flynt

"A human would be pondering the meaning of life right now. Let me try. Oh, there it is. Makes sense I guess." -FL4K

"I lost fair and square / Whatever that dumb phrase means / Who loses a square?" -Zer0

"Combat is my love / Brutal violence, my partner / I need no one else." -Zer0 (again, relatable)

"I am triggerdn't." -Me watching my teammates squidparty

"MERRY CHRISTMAS! Ha, just kidding, Christmas was last week." -JayMoji

"This snack will suck your face...inside of your face!" -JayMoji

"The ability to give up is something everyone possesses...but not everyone uses. ...Except me. I use it all the time." -Me lmao

"So what you're saying is you want us to become furries? Aren't we already the aquatic creature version of them?" -Me playing RotM

"I seriously want to tie her to the rocket now." -Me losing against Callie in Tableturf Battle on level 3 for the fifteenth time

"Hawaiian shirts are gay now. New trend." -Me seeing Cap'n Cuttlefish in S3 for the first time.

"Why ares Sno-cones so expensive? Why do I need to pay 5000 clams for syrup on ice when I can just pick some off the ground and piss on it?" -Guess who this is...that's right; me

(In a completely monotone voice) "I've committed several war crimes. Don't test me." -Me

"FEED ME, SEYMOUR!" -Me for no reason, at home, alone

"Welcome to the Bread Bank, we sell bread, we sell loafs. Bread on deck, bread on the floor." "TOASTED" "R O A S T E D" -Bread Bank (No Gluten) Baku Season 4

"THE FIST BUMP IS REAL!!!!!" -Me upon seeing Nintendo's new tweet (I will do so well in battles just to see my lil dude get fist bumps)

Judd advice (will put new advice whenever possible)

S Judd Artwork.png
Judd's Advice
Meow! (YourUsername, put on several "1 hour of silence broken by" videos. You won't regret it.)

Some images and gifs I like

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