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Even back then...all this pain we've been feeling...the guilt in our hearts...that we have no choice, but to carry on. But that's up to you.
— Basil (OMORI)

S3 Halloween 2021.jpg
Main Weapons Classic Squiffer, Inkbrush, Dynamo Roller, and Dark Tetra Dualies
Level 31 (normal level) 14? (catalog level)
Species Octoling
Title Pitch-Black Knight
Hero Mode Beaten all levels+Secret Kettle
Pronouns Any pronouns (preferably gender-neutral ones such as they/xe/ze
Nicknames (my friends call me these idk why) Silva, Hiro, Omorin, Chara, Aster, Egg (????)
SRNW rank Profreshional +3
RotM Complete
Rank B+

Introduction I guess

Konnichiwa, Guest-san. I'm confused as to how you might have found this page, considering the fact that I'm pretty new here, but I'm ArivakiVA. I haven't worked on very many pages yet, but I'm eventually going to try and work to be part of this community's staff one day. I hope to become an admin or a patroller, but not for a long time.

Random info (on wiki and in-game)

My friend code is SW-6014-8770-6718, and my username should currently be 100 Sunny. I don't accept friend requests at random, I only accept if I recognize your name (and yes, recognizing your name from the wiki also counts). Please let me know if you're gonna send a friend request though. I have an alt account on this wiki by the name of Superlunary, if things on this account go wrong in some way. I hosted the Chocolate vs. Vanilla Inkfest. For those who participated/voted (aka @Platelet and @Xandpochondria), if you would like a Barnsquid, ask and you shall receive (it will take a while though). Thanks for participating. :)

Here is my Splashtag (for the most part):

S3 Banner 11038.png S3 Badge Classic Squiffer 4.png S3 Badge Killer Wail 5.1 30.png S3 Badge Marie.png


I have worked on a few weapon pages, special pages, and manga character pages, but I will probably try to help with the current projects, such as unfinished pages or stubs. I also do small Japanese translations (I know very small amounts of Japanese) and grammar and spelling edits. I'm a pretty new person here, so I'm just a normal user with pretty much no wiki experience. Basically that means don't ask me anything complicated. Here are my sandboxes if you wanna see them (although the second one is kinda boring). User:ArivakiVA/Sandbox, User:ArivakiVA/Sandbox2 I also have a lot of interest in lore, and I'm currently digging through S2 and 3 lore. I also like puns. If you have a project or infobox, or something you need help with, I'm normally not busy, so feel free to ask!

More info (S2 and S3)

As for actually introducing myself...well, let's start out with my S3 and S2 accomplishments, I guess. I was around a few years late to S2, and I managed to get to level 72, I think. I mained the Fresh Squiffer, the Inkbrush, and the Gold Dynamo Roller. My favorite special was tied between Inkjet and Splashdown. I beat Inner Agent 3 a few times (5-7), a few times for fun, and a few times for other's accounts. As for S3, I was a couple days late and I'm level 24. Anyway, I've almost 100% Alterna, I just haven't fully upgraded my Hero Gear or gotten all the Sunken Scrolls. My catalog level is 42. My mains are the Classic Squiffer, the Inkbrush, the Dynamo Roller, and the Range Blaster. My username in S3 is ルミ (おもり). My username in general though, is アリバキ_ア-ト. I play as an Octoling boy. As a question, what did you all name your little buddies, and what do they look like? Tell me in my talk page (mine is named Hector after my pet rock and he has the mohawk haircut). I also Booyah back 99% of the time. (Hyped for Chill Season btw, that new stage, Flounder Heights, Big Run, and that friggin' charger....wish it would come sooner. BIG RUN IS IMMINENT.)

My Octo's appearance (bc image uploading sucks):

Masculine octoling, Palest skin color, white eyes + black pupils, usually the octolocks or punk hairstyle, and the thick or slit eyebrows (Outfit varies)

Splatoon Preferences and small side note

I'm a little socially awkward (yes, even online), but I promise that I'm friendly. I really love music and drawing, so if you wanna talk about that kind of thing, feel free, I guess! I'm also really sarcastic, so just don't take everything I say too seriously. My favorite idols from the Splatoon series are Pearl, Callie, Marie, Frye, and Shiver. I have read the Splatoon Manga as well, and my favorite characters from there are Rider, Vintage, Emperor, Squidkid Jr./Eging, Skull, Gloves, Marusan, Hivemind, and Hachi.


I have a bunch of OCs for pretty much every fandom I'm in...which is definitely a lot, due to my nerdiness and geekiness. My favorite Splatoon OCs are; Tokyo (my main OC, octoling enby), Remiel (octoling boy), Alastor (Inktoling boy), and Arin (inkling boy).

Music and game taste

IRL, I like indie music, mostly Wallows, Cavetown, Jack Stauber, Mitski, and I think bo en is indie? I also like rock music, my favorite artists being Ozzy Osbourne, AC/DC, and Motley Crue. Feel free to recommend other artists though! After all, my taste in music is really eclectic. In Splatoon, my favorite music artists are dedf1sh, Chirpy Chips, C-Side, Squid Sisters, Damp Socks ft. Off the Hook, Diss-Pair, and Wet Floor. I also am a massive gamer, and again, I love indies! My favorite video games are OMORI, Undertale, Legend of Zelda OoT (Ocarina of Time), Deltarune, and, of course, Splatoon 2 and 3 (I could honestly talk about any of these games for literal hours, I love them so much)! I also love anime, the one I'm currently (re)watching being 'The Disastrous Life of Saiki K'! I'm also one of those psychos who loves school, despite possible autism and ADHD. I'm also a weirdo. ...Yeah, I'm not kidding. I also use Japanese honorifics for people, but if you don't want me to refer to you with one, just ask! Feel free to tell me if I might have misgendered you as well!

For the geeks/nerds (yes I know that they're different)

For the other nerds out there: Ravenclaw house, Corrin, Cloud, Robin, Ness/Lucas, Inkling, and Roy main, Winter sympathizer, Team Monarch fan, and Team Chaos!

See ya!

In any case, I hope that you have fun around here, and if you're completely new here, just ask me stuff on my talk page (just click the thing that says discussion, it's underneath my name) and I'll try to help you as best I can, or go to the staff page (which is on the left side of the page, under community), and ask one of the staff. Forget about me, though. I'm such a rambler, I forgot about how cool YOU are!

You have ...err... edits! And you signed up on ... wait you haven't signed up yet?! You're amazing! Anyway, stay cool, stay fresh, and stay YOU! :)

My favorite quotes! (spoiler alert for some games)

"You ooze, you lose. Go back to Ursa WHINER!" -Frye, during the final battle of RotM

"Things are never quite as scary when you have a best friend." -Calvin, from Bill Watterson's Calvin and Hobbes

"Even back then...all the pain we've been feeling...the guilt in our hearts...that we have no choice, but to carry on. But that's up to you." -Basil (OMORI)

"An unallowed burden has been placed upon you. you have the power to change the future. what will you do, DREAMER? what will you do?" -NPC, Deeper Well (OMORI)


"Just because you did something bad, doesn't make you a bad person." -Kel (OMORI)

"Friends...friends are supposed to be there for each other." -Kel (OMORI)

"I hope you can find some peace...or you know...some happiness." -Aubrey (OMORI)

"Last time...we made the mistake of leaving each other when we needed each other the most. This time...we'll stay together." -Hero (OMORI)

"Maybe one day...things can go back to the way they were before." -Basil (OMORI)

(Ok spoilers are gone)

"If you think I'm good with this weapon, you are very much wrong." -Me using a Stringer

"Just because I'm Japanese and main a charger certainly means I'm not good with any other weapon, right?" "Wrong." -Me when someone seemed afraid of me and avoided me in Turf War

Some images I like

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