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Species Human
Location Megalopolis Outskirts, Sector 9H
Favorite Band Firefly

engiSonic, also known by their pseudonym of Yesterday's Minder, is an amateur freelance squid researcher who helps edit Inkipedia from time to time.


They enjoy engaging in the universes and worldbuilding of several franchises, including Splatoon, Homestuck, Lobotomy Corporation, SOMA, Half-Life, ULTRAKILL, and Subnautica. They also enjoy drawing on the semi-uncommon occasion that their muse stirs from sleep with fresh inspiration.

Their current long-term project is attempting to create an MS Paint Adventures-style novelization/fanfiction of the Splatoon series, a project they have been brainstorming and experimenting with—including multiple complete restarts—since 2018.


This user is obsessed with Alterna, Humanity's Last Resort!
For this user, the time of day is 11:09.