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Heya heya, name's Gaku. I'm a semi-pro player and long time Splatoon fan. Ask me about my weapon strategies, gear sets, etc. I'm a bit rough around the edges in Splatoon 3, hence the "semi" in semi-pro. Currently not accepting friend requests from strangers. Stay crispy.

I use he/him pronouns, please refer to me with those, thanks.

Trans flag.svgThis user is a Trans Man

I am also a regular participant in Splatfests. If you see me in your lobby, give me a booyah, please!

I know I may sound very serious, that is how I tend to speak on public forums.

My Gear List:

Gender: Male


S3 Gear Headgear Face Visor.png


S3 Gear Clothing Airflow & Hustle Jacket.png


S3 Gear Shoes Ink-Black Clam 600s.png


S3 Icon Bed Head.png


S3 Customization Skin 1.png


S3 Customization Eye 9.png