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Hello, I am JPM! I am an avid Nintendo fan, starting back on GBA and NGC (I was late to game). I am an admin on Pikipedia, the NIWA Pikmin Wiki, being the admin of communications, or communicating with the Pikmin fan community outside of the wiki. I also was one of the people who lead the merge between Pikipedia and the Pikmin Wikia. I also was one of the people who lead the creating of Inkipedia here with Espyo, Lumo, and Shrimp.

In Splatoon, I main primarily Gold Dynamo Roller. Currently, Ranked is the bane of my existence, with my Rank being B as of Aug 12, 2015. I also am the leader of a Splatoon clan, the GGG, or the Git Gud Guild. We are primarily friends and family of folks from Pikipedia, and a closed group, sorry.