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Eva and her friend.

Hi my name is Egoista Squidman aka Lilsquidy80 and I love octolings. I have a oc named Eva. My main account is User:BomboOcto71 and I will only vote on community issues on my main. My second alt account is User:Niceocto88 Here is a list of my other accounts (not on inkipedia):

  1. my youtube account:
  2. my twitter:
fire extinguisher
A chum

I also was on team rock, team gear, and will be on team water in Splatoon 3. I like all Idols in the Splatoon series. When I am bored I play random games. I really hate when people tamper with pages on inkipedia and a lot of other sites like this site. I am a Dedf1sh fan. I do not care about shippers.