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Hi! Welcome to my userpage. I have been a Splatoon fan since the first game, but have only recently become a regular user of Inkipedia. My goal here is to make sure the wiki is as complete and professional as possible.

Editing habits

While I'm somewhat of a novice at wiki editing (despite having edited wikis off and on since my teens), I come from a copy-editing background, so most of my contributions take the form of minor edits to improve spelling, grammar, phrasing, or general wiki presentation. I have lots of free time to take on somewhat tedious projects, such as reading through an entire category of page (for example, gear items or single-player levels) to see if there's anything missing or that can be improved upon. I do not currently have a capture card for recording game images/video so am not much help as a source for files, but am happy to provide files sourced from the web (for example, promotional images of Splatoon games or merchandise), and to make sure files already uploaded to the wiki are in all the places they belong. I also like to periodically patrol the recent changes (both to see if new information has been added that I can learn from and to see if there are areas where I can contribute), and if I'm particularly bored you can find me clicking through random pages on the off-chance that I find a neglected page that could use improvement.

If you have a question, have a project you think I'd be suited to helping on, or have an issue to raise about one of my edits, please feel free to reach out! You can find me here and also on the Inkipedia Discord.

Splatoon series background

As a Splatoon player I am somewhat of a casual (mostly playing for my own entertainment, and not really excelling at competitive modes or Salmon Run), but I do keep up with the latest games in the series and have a collecting habit that finds me trying my best to acquire as many gear items, locker decorations, and other collectibles as I can. I love participating in events like Splatfests, Challenges, and Big Run, though less for competitive zeal and more to enjoy the community and world of the game and to support my collecting habit. I have all three Splatoon games (though I do not have my Wii U hooked up and rarely go back to Splatoon or Splatoon 2), and I also have all "standard" Splatoon amiibo (not including the Splatoon 1 amiibo recolors or the Inkling amiibo from Super Smash Bros.). I also love the Splatoon and Splatoon 2 artbooks—here's hoping the Splatoon 3 artbook is localized before too long!

Other hobbies

Beside Splatoon, I also enjoy other Nintendo series like Mario, Zelda, and Animal Crossing, as well as various indie games and game series. I also enjoy various cartoons and comics. My biggest hobby other than gaming is probably Lego—I have been a huge fan since I was a kid and collect multiple themes. My main focus tends to be original Lego themes like Ninjago, Monkie Kid, Friends, Bionicle, and Elves, but I've also made an exception to that habit for the Lego Super Mario theme. I'd also DEFINITELY make an exception if a Lego Splatoon theme came to exist... I can dream!