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Hi everyone! I am Octo1, a new user of Inkipedia. If you want to know my Splatoon 2 Username, it is Octo#1, and my Nintendo switch icon is an octopus with a blue background. My Splatoon 1 username is Vasanth J. My favorite ranked mode is Splat Zones, I am currently an A+ rank in Splatoon 2, also I have a scratch account. It's SCRATCHMASTER1849, but i'm mostly inactive there. My favorite Splatoon 2 gear are the Camo Mesh, the Chilly Mountain Coat, and for shoes, either the Annaki Arachno Boots, or the Orange Lo-Tops. Have a great day! (also i personally wrote this, if you want to know) P.S. Tell me in my discussion page if you saw me in the actual game! :D:D