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Hi I'm octod2 in splatoon 2 in r2d2 I'm level 21 and I'm on celephoh HQ in story and I've unlocked the octoling SPLATFESTS!

super mushroom vs SUPER STAR Result:lost Splatfest rank:queen 10x/100x battles: I won one 10x battle

This is my rAnks:

Clam blitz: B-

Rainmaker : C

Splat zones:C

Towe Control: C-

In salmon run I'm a professional 110 My grizzco stat card: Shifts worked:205 Golden eggs collected:1824 Power eggs collected:61740 Crew members rescued:490 Total points:13170p

My gear is pilot googles/contacts Silver tentack vest/white inky rider and neo octoling boots.

My main weapon is the octoshot replica and octobrush. I also like dualies I have all of them so far for my level

(One of my friends says I'm obsessed with splatoon.(can't say I'm not))

I also can't wait for splatoon 3 I'm deafinatly getting it