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Welcome my sandbox! Here you can view my novel-like Splatoon series, Splatoon Woomy!


Splatoon Woomy is different from Splatoon manga and games. While it still sports the same concept, I try to make it interesting by being different.

Differences from the games:

  • Focuses on a city that has never appeared in the games nor manga, Reefcity.
  • The Squid Sisters, Off the Hook, Deep Cut, as well as DJ Octavio are all part of the group that hosts the news, Full House.
  • Original Weapon designs (Twin Charger, etc.) are used in battles.
  • Kambo Co. (Dedf1sh, Telephone/Comander Tatar, C. Q. Cumber) have turned good and host a talk show.
  • The lobby is HUGE compared to other games.
  • The four shops, excluding Hotantis, which has only Harmony working there, have all three past game vendors working there (Except Ammo Knights which has Sheldon and Shelly and Donny).
  • Each character has an apartment, and that is what the general store sells stuff for.

Differences from the manga:

  • The battles are realistic, compared to the ridiculous battles of the manga.
  • The players have more human-like names, unlike being named after a piece of their gear.


Team Name Weapon
Team Light Blue  Mia Splattershot
James Splattana Vaulter
Otto Octobrush
Bridget Twin Charger
Team Red  Onyx Splat Daggers
Harper Splat Roller
Wyatt Splat Duallies
Julian Tri-Stringer
Team Speedster  Boaz Mini Splatling
Zane Carbon Roller
Juliet Dapple Dualies
Lexi REEF-LUX 450
Team Turfer  Carmen N-ZAP '85
Jacob Aerospray MG
Helen Splash-o-Matic
Hudson Sploosh-o-Matic



It was a miracle. Construction of a new city had just began. The Squid Sisters had a crazy idea, or maybe it was just a joke. Anyway they posted: "What if, in this city, we all lived together, I mean, we all have our respective places, but what if we all came together? #harmony" That was the new big thing: #harmony. It was like a chain reaction. Soon after that Off the Hook was all for it too. "If the SS are going we're comin' too. #harmony" It just went on and on from there. As construction neared completion the city started taking applicants for an apartment. No. 136 is where our story begins...

Chapter 1: To Reefcity!

WHOOOOOOOT! The train was finally here. Countryside dweller Mia was hyped! 1, she'd never been on one before, and 2, she was going to finally get to go to Reefcity! She got on it and departed. She let out a short scream when the train got going but quickly got used to it. Onboard the train, she saw a jellyfish selling free phones and Splattershots to applicants. Mia took one of each, not that she knew what they were. She turned on the phone. It was confusing, but it was surprisingly good at teaching her how to use it. The train ride was fun. She was about halfway through when she crossed Hammerhead Bridge. She saw the infamous NILS Statue. She heard that the Deepsea Metro was an actual good metro now. She looked up Kambo Co. on her phone and found that it was a talk show now. It consisted of three former Kambo Co. workers: The musician Dedf1sh, the leader Commander Tartar/The Telephone, and the conductor C. Q. Cumber. She finally got to the city, and she was in awe. A lane of shops. A sketchy place that read Grizzco. A place called Urchin Cafe. It was cool, or fresh? What did that even mean? There was a giant screen, and it seemed there was a broadcast of some kind. It was called Full House. They talked about Turf Wars, an advertisement for Grizzco. Then it stopped. It showed stuff you could buy and such. Mia was totally unaware of what these are called and watched it for about 15 minutes. And then she felt someone tap on her shoulder.

Chapter 2: New Friends

Mia was surprised. The boy behind her said "Are you okay? The next broadcast isn't for a couple hours." "Yeah, why do you ask?" The boy was confused, but it didn't last long. "Country girl, eh?" Mia replied yes. "I see. I'm James. Nice to meet you. Now those are commercials." James explained what commercials are and then he asked a question. "Something tells me you never done Turf War. How about a one on one with me?" Mia said yes excitingly and James explained the rules. The Turf War was held on Eeltail Alley. Mia rushed to ink with her Splattershot. She saw James at the Mid and saw he was charging up some sort of attack. "I'll splat him before he does it." thought Mia. She was about to land the final hit until James did something amazing. In a blink of an eye, his weapon got longer, and he used it as a vaulting pole. It went back to normal and landed swiftly in his hands. "Bravo." said a voice from just outside the stage. Mia and James looked towards him. Mia screamed. "What happened to your hair?" she asked horrifically. The boy replied "Haven't you ever seen an octoling?" Mia looked confused. The boy seemed disappointed. But his disappointment didn't last long. "My name is Otto. What's yours?" Mia and James stated their names. "Yes. Can I join your team?" he asked. "Yeah, you making one too, Mia?" asked James. Mia was confused. "So, there's a Turf War tournament going on soon, and we need a four person team to enter. Are you planning to make one?" explained James. Mia replied: "I guess! Let's go back to the city to find a fourth teammate!" They went back to the square. They were walking around when James stepped on a book to hear a "DO YOU MIND?" What they saw was a octoling girl sitting, in the square, with a stack of books next to her. "Go back to your, team, your friends." They could notice now she was sniffling. "Are you okay?" asked Mia. "No one will let me join their team. Say I'm too much of a bookworm." she said, almost crying. "You can join ours." Mia said. "You don't mean that" she replied. Then, they boys started talking nonstop over each other, as if they would never find another member. This made her smile a bit. "Okay, if you say so." she said, chuckling. "By the way, name's Bridget." she added. The four registered and rested up, for tomorrow, the Reefcity Founding Tournament begins!

Chapter 3: Vs. Team Red

It was finally the day of the Reefcity Founding Tournament! Since the first battle wasn't until late afternoon, Team Light Blue was going to practice. After all, they literally just met yesterday. The two girls rushed to practice, only to find that they were an hour early. Fortunately, Bridget always had a bag of books and used this extra time to teach Mia more about city life. After their practice, they patiently waited for their battle. When it came they met up with their opponents: Team Red. "Like our color? It's a new one. Name's Onyx. Nice to meet you." Said the team leader. The match was held at Scorch Gorge. The teams appeared on their spawner drones and headed towards the mid, inking turf as they went. Team Red however, was nowhere to be seen. "Where did they go?" asked Mia. She threw a Splat Bomb for fun. She splatted Onyx, who was hiding in the ink. "How did you find me? Grr..." Said Onyx as he respawned. "What were you even doing?" asked James. Onyx replied "It's called sharking! I was about to attack, but then you splatted me!" The whole team of Team Light Blue looked at each other and smiled. "You know what to do!" Said Mia, throwing bombs whenever she could. Another member came out saying "What do I do? I don't know how you fight an enemy that's aware of you." He tried to retreat, but was splatted by Bridget's Twin Charger. By pure dumb luck, the shot from the second half of her Twin Charger hit another member. They got a wipeout in the last minute. At the end of the match, the Judds cactulated the scores until... Mia passed out. She woke up in her own apartment with her team next to her and heard Otto say "The suspense nearly killed you huh?" This made her smile. "Did we win?" she asked. Bridget said "Yes. 51.6 to 31.2." Mia was so overjoyed from her first win that she got up from her bed and gave her team hugs. Team Light Blue was off to a great start, and they went back to their apartments (except Mia who was already at hers) to rest up for future battles.

Chapter 4: Vs. Team Speedster

The next day, Team Light Blue was pumped up from their victory, and headed out to practice. At the next match their opponents seemed to be really bored. "Are you out of your mind? Five minutes late? What is wrong with you?" The leader said. Just as they were about to apologize, the leader kept on talking. "Ha! Just pulling your leg. My name's Boaz, and we are Team Speedster. Nice to meet you. We specialize in being the fastest of the fast, so challenge us, if you can keep up. Before Team Light Blue could introduce themselves, Boaz walked away to get ready for the battle. When the battle started, Team Light Blue headed towards the Mid. Just as they were about to ink it, Team Speedster attacked from behind! It was an instant wipeout. "I know what to do." said Otto as they respawned. Before the rest of the team could ask what, he was off, swimming to the Mid. Otto, as he met the rest of the team, started moving quickly using his Octobrush. "What's the meaning of this?" said Boaz. "You think you're faster than us?" Otto got a smirk on his face. Boaz started moving at unbelievable speeds-until he tripped. Boaz got up, to reveal a furious face. "You're in for it now." he said, angry. Every member started going quickly, until they stumbled and got splatted. When the match was over, the Judds calculated the scores to reveal that Team Light Blue had won 59.4 to 31.4! After the match, Otto said to Boaz "I guess there is a thing called too fast." Boaz smiled. With this victory, it was revealed that Team Light Blue is one of the eight teams entering the quarter-finals!