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I am drawing the characters of all the people that were on recent changes at a certain time yesterday. If you would like a drawing too, tell me on my talk page. Right now I am drawing Duke, Shell, Chessmaster's inkling, Samurottlover's inkling, and YOLO2020's inkling. (Trying to get out of an art block lol)

oh and by the way this is the artstyle it will be in :). (It might not be as good, but rest assured I'll try my best to match it.)

(side note, I will admit to tracing some of the weapons. Throw me in jail lol.)


I play both the first, second, and soon to be third games. I am a huge fan of both and usually spend my time either playing Splatoon 2 or drawing Splatoon art. I try to make helpful edits where I can, I like to add in game images or expand galleries.I don't make that many edits though, because I'm not very good at it yet. I also really like to take photos of Jellyfish sightings for some reason lol.

Some Art I've Done

I have too much time on my hands

Uh so I decided to delete it because this isn't a personal art sharing website and I don't want to vandalize the wiki.


I have no real barnsquids :D

Checkers vs Chess Barnsquid
This Barnsquid was awarded to Pinezapple for voting in

the first custom minifest held by ChessMaster!

Candy Cane vs Gingerbread Man Barnsquid
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the Candy Cane vs Gingerbread Man Minifest!

Milk Chocolate Winner's Barnsquid
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ChessMaster's second Minifest!