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Hi; I'm zorg. I'm a willing contributor who hopefully doesn't mess things up. :3

Currently working on

  • Top-down radar and mini-maps for multiplayer stages (edited together from multiple screenshots taken through an elgato hd60) - TODO: maybe someone could do PB-s on salmon run and shifty maps, possibly inviting me as a spectator so i could get images for those maps as well; would be nice.
  • Enemies / Objects in OE locations (Power Egg count)
  • Secrets in OE locations (will take a while, i suck; feel free to sidestep me if anything is found)


  • Music in OE locations (done - see in the linked spreadsheet below; how to add them to stations is still up for debate though)

External data i gathered

google spreadsheets

Test pages

Octo Expansion Level Data