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Attention all Inkipedians: Thank you all for such a productive 2023, with all of your hard work helping to keep Inkipedia the freshest Splatoon wiki there is. I think I can confidently speak for all of the staff that this has been an excellent year, with unparalleled coverage of the new seasons, releases, and expanding our coverage on real people, competitive, and tournament spaces.

We would, however, like to announce two long-time site functions drawing to an end. On December 31, 2023, the Blog namespace will be discontinued and all existing blogs will be moved to be user-subpages. Ownership will be transferred to the largest contributor (or staff discretion). The User Content Policy still applies: Users cannot exceed five user-subpages, and will be given about a week (January 7th) to merge or delete these blog pages to meet the allotment threshold. We strongly urge users to consider joining a third-party social platform like Tumblr, Threads, Archive Of Our Own, or Fanon Wiki for further documentation and expansion of fan content.

Furthermore, come December 31, 2023, we will no longer be officially supporting Inkfests. This means there will be no Inkipedia-sponsored/Inkipedia-condoned Inkfest events in the future. This does not mean there will not fully be any events ever again, but they will be much less common and be exclusively run by staff. The prior events will be archived, and the current page will be changed into a historical overview of the system. Users may still personally host events off-platform or through other various channels, but should not be treated as an "official" Inkfest or tournament.

These decisions come after a long series of deliberation and analysis of how popular these systems actually are. If you have any questions, feel free to message administrator Trig Jegman or bureaucrat Heddy for clarification.

Additionally, the online play for Splatoon 1 (and the Wii U as a whole) is slated to shut down by April, 2024 at the latest. We encourage all editors to go through related articles to make sure all information on the contents of Splatoon is accurate, and well-photographed.

We also want to reach out and appreciate all members who have helped build up the Twitter archive. It may not be the most seen, but multiple other wiki community leaders have reached out to applaud and commend on how unique, important, and well-documented our system is. Your work is seen and appreciated by many.

Lastly, there are a couple of goals set for 2024:

At the time of writing we have:

Let's aim to reduce these numbers by half for next year! If you need help where to start, consider reading the Manual of Style or asking for help in our Discord server.

--Trig Jegman and the rest of the Staff