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User rights management is an important part of Inkipedia. Because certain abilities are given to only a few editors, we as a community must ensure that they are using their rights to the fullest. A demotion movement can be created for any reason, but the involved user must be notified via talk page one day before their demotion is further discussed.

Why would a user get demoted?

  • The user is inactive (30 days or more without contributing)
  • The user does not use his or her rights
  • The user does not use his or her rights in a way helpful to the Inkipedia community
  • The user uses his or her rights in an abusive way, causing harm to community members or Inkipedia itself

Demotion requests

A demotion can be requested by any user with more than 1 month of Inkipedia experience and at least 100 mainspace edits. Each request must include the involved user's username, their rights, the rights under question for demotion, a reason why the request is being made, and a timestamped signature of the user requesting the demotion.

Current demotion movements

No current movement.

Past demotions

All past demotions are located in the archives.