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An Inkfest is a Splatoon event hosted by an Inkipedia user.

Upcoming events

To create an event, decide on the date, name of the event, rules, and any other details you wish to add. Then, create a page containing that information. Once you have created the page, you may add your event to this list. Please use the Inkfest template to add events to the list.

Events are ordered by date, with the closest event listed first.

To see the time in your local time zone, follow the UTC time links.

Hot vs cold coffee inkfest fanart.png
Indefinitely Postponed
Organized by: Xan
Blank Splatfest sheet.png
Temporarily postponed
Organized by: ArivakiVA
Blank Splatfest sheet.png
Organized by: Jd467


Past events

Events may be recorded here if 5 or more Inkipedia users gather to play Splatoon.

To record a concluded event, move the event to this section. Add any other details you wish to include, such as the winner.

Archives are available here. At the end of each year, events that are older than one year should be archived.

Stringer v splatana xan.jpg
27 December 2022 20:00 UTC
Organized by: Jacobearth and Octoling E s3
Winner: Stringers
Blank Splatfest sheet.png
11 March 2023 22:00 UTC
Organized by: ArivakiVA