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Promotional image highlighting the "Join Pool" button as it appears in the lobby menu

Pools are a feature in Splatoon 3 that can be accessed in the lobby. It was added in Version 3.0.0.


Similar to Private Battles, Pools are a means of creating and joining groups. They can be freely entered and exited via inputting the same unique string of numbers and letters. Pools allow for their members to participate in matches together without having added one another as a friend on their user profile. Excluding Private Battles, any battles fought alongside other Pool members count towards the player's EXP.

When a player joins a Pool, the notifications tab of the menu begins showing updates regarding players that are members of the same Pool in addition to their added friends' notifications. Any invites sent out while in a Pool are received by all members.

Players can leave Pools at any time, though they can only join one Pool at a time.


The Pool option in the menu UI as it appears if the player has not joined a Pool
The Pool option in the menu UI as it appears if the player has joined a Pool

To join a Pool, the player must head to the lobby and open up the menu by either pressing or entering the battle pot, then navigate to the Notifications tab. There, the player can press to join or leave Pools. When joining, the player is prompted to enter the target Pool's name; if no Pool exists under the entered name, the player will host a new Pool.

Pool names are not case sensitive, though they cannot start with numbers and cannot contain special characters.


Switching gears... we've discovered a new feature that helps players connect. It's called a Pool, and anyone can join one by inputting a unique set of letters or characters. You can send and receive notifications with others in your Pool, and even invite them to join a battle!
— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[1]

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese チャンネル
Netherlands Dutch Poel Pool
CanadaFrance French canal channel [a]
Germany German Channel Channel
Italy Italian canale channel [a]
Russia Russian Канал
SpainMexico Spanish canal channel [a]
China Chinese (Simplified) 频道
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 頻道
Píndào (Mandarin)
pan4 dou6 (Cantonese)
South Korea Korean 채널 Channel
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