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This is an OC made by Carrie. Only edit if there's a grammatical error.


Octarian File 100000

Species: Octoling

Type: Elite

Full name: Octavio Chandra (オクタビオチャンドラ, Okutabiochandora)

Record: Born to Otto 'DJ' Octavio. Was pressured by the other Elite Octolings to do well, as she was entered into the boss station as a wasabi supply unit after learning how to walk. She heard the Calamari Inkantation and said, only for her Octosniper friend Kathy to hear: "What is this? Why kill Inklings?" and the next day was not in her bed.

Carrie Says

"Oh, that Chandra. She's an Octoling who came when she was five. She's twelve now and very smart. If you see this page I'm making on her, then show her some love in the discussion section UwU."

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