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Omega-3 Artwork.jpg This user is a fan of ω-3.

Flavor table
No preferences ↘ Nickname-e
Agent 3 Agent 4 8.1 8.2 I3
Nickname-r Agent 3 DJ Sango Norma/Four/Sis ...dude? Nera/Love Three
Agent 4 Sib/Tuyen/Three Norma Cuttlefish. One :} ..two Small Three!
8.1 Joyfriend Good friend :) ... Sister/Twos Threes/Inner 3
8.2 💞Three💞 ...Norma. Brother/Sibling/Ones Nera Shortie.
I3 Three! Sis! Ones! YOU'RE the shortie! ...Tuyen Sango?