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About Me

Hi YourUsername with YourEditCount edits! I'm Lofiguy! I am an Inkipedia editor. I have Splatoon 2, want Splatoon 3, and my favorite weapon is the Kensa Splat Roller. I'm currently enjoying a pretty undefeated streak in turf war! I have an aggressive playstyle, in which I usually charge as far as possible forward until I am splatted, then super jump and continue charging forward. In the last half, I focus on covering a lot of enemy ink and filling empty space.

My Barnsqiuds

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Cool Facts

  • I discovered the kettle workaround for Octo Canyon mission #19, "The Experimentorium"
  • I want to start a group project to decipher more of the inkling language. If you want to help, let me know!