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This is Slate, my Inkling OC. You'll see me using this name!
Art by Twitter @littlerubyrue

Rank Splatoon 1 S+
Splatoon 2 2400 XXXX; LUTI Div 4 in S11
Reddit Reddit u/kjhf1273
Discord Discord Slate#3249 on ABXY
Twitter Twitter @slate_spl
Twitch /slate_spl
29th February, 2016. A strange day, not because of the leap day, but because I got to S+ on Splatoon 1.

Hi there! I'm Kris, one of the bureaucrats here on Inkipedia. I play a lot of roller. I'm an engineer by trade. I have a lot of kazoos. Talk to me in the Discord Inkipedia Discord for any Inkipedia & Splatoon questions!

My Userpages:

And you may see my bot making edits:

Spyke won't give me what I want ...

But enough about me. Look at you, Guest, and how wonderful you are!

You have ... a few edits already?

And you signed up on ... wait you haven't signed up yet?!

This page is a list of helpful tasks that all editors can do to improve Inkipedia. Thanks for your help!

For longer term projects, see Inkipedia:Current projects. For general discussions, see Inkipedia:Ink Pump.

Tasks everyone can do

Improve content

New content

  • Wanted pages — These are "red links". Fix a red link by removing it from pages it is linked to, making a redirect, or starting the desired article.
  • Wanted categories — Create, rename to an existing category, or fix a bad reference.
  • Wanted templates — Check template code, possibly import desired ones from Wikipedia.

Category problems

Redirect problems


Admin tasks

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