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This is my Inkling OC!
Art by Twitter @littlerubyrue

Rank Splatoon 1 S+
Splatoon 2 2400 XXXX; LUTI Div 4 in S11
Splatoon 3 X
Discord Discord Slate#3249 on ABXY
GitHub kjhf (Slate)
Reddit Reddit u/kjhf1273
Steam Slate
Twitter Twitter @slate_spl
Twitch /slate_spl

Hi! I'm Slate, my nickname IRL and the name of my squid OC! I'm one of the bureaucrats on Inkipedia.

I've played a lot of competitive Splatoon as a roller main, including being on the Nintendo Players UK winning team and getting up to LUTI Div 4. I'm quite well known in the UK scene as a kazoo bard.

I'm a software engineer by trade. I help make the competitive scene better, ranging from vandal fighting, Discord bots, and player ranking and verification.

Talk to me in the Discord Inkipedia Discord for any Inkipedia & Splatoon questions!

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29th February, 2016. A leap day and a leap for me to get to S+ on Splatoon 1.


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