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This article discusses content that is not part of the official Splatoon series canon but is part of the community or competitive gaming space.


Location North America
Captain Katsuie
Player Changes

JFG (Short for Jet Force Gemini) was a competitive Splatoon team. The team was mostly composed of former members of Meme Containment Unit.


On March 1st, 2016, JFG disbanded.[1]


  • JFG:C.A.
  • JFG:Kat
  • JFG:Leo
  • JFG:Nasz
  • JFG:Rezb1t
  • JFG:Scarth
  • JFG:Tim
  • JFG:Twarz

Leagues Under the Ink

For the main article, see Leagues Under the Ink.

Season 1

They were in Division A1.

Tournament Placements

Tournament Date Place
SCL 7 December 13th, 2015 9th [2]
S&F Low Power December 27th, 2015 1st
SCL Holiday Special December 30th, 2015 17th [3]
Inkstorm 3 January 2nd-3rd, 2016 N/A [4]
SCL 9 January 10th, 2016 2nd
Calamari Cup 3 January 23rd, 2016 2nd
SCL 10 January 24th, 2016 9th [5]
S&F Random Restrictions January 30th, 2016 3rd
Messtival! 3 February 6th, 2016 9th
SCL 11 February 20th, 2016 9th [6]
SyCup 4 February 21st/27th-28th N/A [7]