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Inkipedia provides some coverage of Splatoon's community articles which are unofficial (fanon), however what is deemed admissible is covered by this policy.


  • Articles based on community subjects and not endorsed by Nintendo should feature {{unofficial}} at the top.
  • Articles should be in the mainspace. If a naming conflict with an existing official article exists, parentheses should be appended to the end of the unofficial article as appropriate.
  • The criteria below determine what subjects can be considered inside Inkipedia's scope. However, subjects can still be considered notable if they've gained significance though other means, particularly if they've received significant coverage in the media. In these cases, notability of the subject should be discussed and decided by editors.



Main article: Inkipedia:Policy/Notability

The criteria for competitive articles (tournaments, teams, and players) is covered in a separate policy.


If the topic is mentioned on multiple other websites, then it can be considered for writing. The article should have enough information sourced on other websites to stand-alone without any original research. If there is not enough content to make a new article, consider adding a Community or Fanon section to an existing article, and making a redirect to the header of that article.

Fan-art and Fan-fiction

Fan made content is only allowed:

  • In a userspace or blogspace,
  • For an agreed event which itself is notable or hosted by Inkipedia,
  • Where the fan-content becomes canon or is officially recognized.