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Army Manga.jpeg
Species Inkling
Hair color Orange
Eye color Orange
Gender Male

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Army gathers data from all his battles... and puts it all down in manuals. It's like he knows all of his opponent's moves.
Rider describes Army in Vol. 1 Episode #2 Army

Army is a character in the Splatoon manga and is a member of the S4.


Army is a male Inkling with the "topknot" hairstyle. He wears the Special Forces Beret, Forge Inkling Parka, and Punk Cherries, and has what appears to be war paint on his cheeks. His main weapon is the N-ZAP '85.


Army is straightforward and has a plan for almost every occasion. When he doesn't, he and his team become uneasy, and try to find data about the opposing team's strategy.


  • He became very obsessed with curry after Team Blue's fight and therefore, he carries a curry cookbook.
  • He is replaced by Rider after he gets attacked by bees.
  • He is the first member of the S4.
  • His team's tactic is known as "Squid Net Manual", which is a manual with all of their battle tactics written in it. He and his team use it to understand and counter their opponents' tactics.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagFrance.svg French Army -