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Here at Inkipedia, we do not tolerate the abuse of multiple accounts.

Users are allowed to have more than one account, as long as they provide a link to all other accounts' user pages on their own user page, and each account exists for a reason. However, users must only have one main account, and voting on community issues can only be done from this account. Because of this, having multiple accounts is typically unnecessary and can result in an IP ban. Inkipedia has a very high standard to maintain, and spammy, ghost accounts do not reflect this standard. If you see any abuse of multiple accounts, please notify an administrator immediately.

Examples of acceptable multiple accounts

  • Bot accounts to perform approved community functions
  • Forgotten password of main account

Examples of multiple account abuse

  • Avoiding blocks or bans
  • Voting on community issues (adminship requests, Inkling of the Month) on multiple accounts
  • Spamming
  • Creating multiple accounts that serve no purpose
  • Any other act that an administrator finds harmful to the wiki, its appearance, and its relevance

Consequences of multiple account abuse

Administrators have the right to block any user for any amount of time. They may also determine if an account is a duplicate, and if its infraction counts as minor or major. The block times listed below are merely suggestions.

Minor offenses

  • 1st offense: 1-day IP block
  • 2nd offense: 3-day IP block
  • 3rd offense: 1-week IP block
  • 4th offense: Indefinite IP ban

Major offenses

  • 1st offense: Indefinite IP ban