Inkipedia:Policy/Power abuse

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Here at Inkipedia, we do not tolerate power abuse of any sort.

Power abuse is any act by a user with a position of power that the community feels is harmful or overstepping their rights. Inkipedia has a very high standard to maintain, and patrollers, administrators, and bureaucrats are expected to reflect this standard. If you see any power abuse, please notify another administrator immediately.

Examples of power abuse

  • Unfairly banning users
  • Deleting helpful content because they do not like the user who posted it
  • Unnecessarily rolling back helpful edits
  • Attempting to disable the wiki in any way, including removing key parts of important components and templates
  • Any other act that the community finds harmful to the wiki, its appearance, and its relevance

Consequences of power abuse

In the event of power abuse, the community should report it to an administrator and, if necessary, open a request here where the community can vote to remove a user's rights. This is not required, however, as a bureaucrat can remove rights if the bureaucrats or administrators vote to do so; a demotion request should only be used if the community is not satisfied with the resolution after reporting the issue to an administrator.

Minor offenses

  • 1st offense: 1-day removal of rights
  • 2nd offense: Indefinite removal of rights

Major offenses

  • 1st offense: Indefinite removal of rights