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Inkipedia has the capability of renaming editors' usernames. However this should be done in a formal and transparent manner to prevent abuse or spam.


  • The account can only be renamed once every six months.
  • The account cannot have more than 10,000 edits.
  • The user is not seeking the rename to conceal or obfuscate bad conduct.
  • The new name is not already registered on the wiki.
  • The new name is not too similar to another editor's username.
  • The new name should not be inappropriate, at the discretion of an administrator.


  • New requests should be made at Inkipedia:Requests for Rename.
  • An admin will look through the request and either accept or decline it.
    • Declined requests will be given a reason.
  • After a request is accepted, a Bureaucrat will have a final say and carry out the rename.